"My life is now a colourful vibrant place to be."

I attended a Bars class taught by Kam Phagura when she came to the UK in June. I had heard lots about Access and wanted to know if this could help with my negativity with life. I enjoyed the session and having my bars run which made me feel like a lighter person. I have applied the tools I have learnt. My life is now a colourful vibrant place to be and I like where I am, rather than the dark gloomy and grey that was. The facilitator Kam had a good aura about her and I felt a connection straight away. I would like to thank Kam for bringing Access into my life. How does it get better than this?
Pam Dhami. UK

"Those phobias have all disappeared."

Video testimonial by Mira Shae

"Son's life changes."

Video testimonial by Lisa Lotte.

"Young girl runs whole families Bars"

Video testimonial by Simone Padur.