Name: Sofie DiSessa
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Sweden, and the World
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Hej vad kul att du är här!

År 2012 erbjöd min kompis Renata mig Access Bars, en unik och underbar kroppsbehandling som kan förändra ditt liv och kanske mest av allt hela ditt förhållningsätt. Jag blev super nyfiken på denna fantastiska behandling. Bars har blivit en kontinuerlig process av mitt liv. Jag ännu mer nyfiken på vad vi kan skapa här och nu. Vi lever i en värld some förändras super fort. Och Access verktygen hjälper oss alla att kunna välja vad som ger mer lätthet och glädje i våra liv. Jag har även märkt att jag inte varit sjuk sen jag började med Access Bars.
Hur blir det bättre än så?

Jag har jobbat som massör med atleter, som yoga lärare, personlig tränare, johrei healer, rawfood expert. Jag har gjort kurser i NLP, och Access Consciousness kurser. Jag har studerat många modalities inom healing, meditation, hypnos, spiritualitet och metafysik. Allt jag lärt mig har varit ett bidrag på min resa genom livet.

Mitt objektiv är att inspirera dig att vara mer av Dig själv och vara den unika människa som du är. När du är DU, så kan du förändra ditt liv och världen. Jag använder Access verktygen varje dag I mitt arbete, med mina barn, och familj. Jag älskar att jobba med saker som är kul. Yogalärare, Access Consciousness, och investeringar att investera mina pengar och få dem att arbeta för mig, och även visa andra hur man kan investera, i stället för att följa de gamla sättet och åsikterna att man måste jobba hårt för att tjäna pengar. Visste du att våra åsikter skapar vår verklighet. Vad har du för åsikter som kanske stoppar dig för att skapa rikedom?

Vilket bidrag kan jag vara för DIG och din KROPP?

Jag bor I underbara Sundbyberg, tidigare har jag bott 17 år I London, jag pratar Svenska, Engelska och Portugisiska. Jag reser gärna runt I världen och ger Access klasser.

Du är varmt välkommen att boka Access Bars sessioner, klasser, clearings sessioner, och penga clearing sessioner.

Ni kan också välja att gå en 8 timmars Access Bars klass, då får ni ju även ta mot 2 Bars sessioner!
Hur blir det bättre än så?

Bars klassen kan även komma till Er, fråga gärna.

Just nu så faciliterar jag:

Access Bars Sessions
Energetic Facelift sessions
MTVSS body body sessions
Cellular memory body sessions
Acoustic Energy massage
Och även 60 andra kropps processer din kropp kanske vill få.

Jag håller även workshops:
Pengar är inte problemet du är.
Lätthet och Glädje med föräldraskap.
Lätthet och glädje att föda
Ease with bodies (motsats till dis-ease)
Och vad mer är möjligt?

Jag hoppas vi träffas personligen någon gång

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Hi and welcome!
2012 my friend Renata offered me Access Bars, a unique and phenomenal body process, which can change your life and the way you are functioning in this reality. I got super excited about this unique treatment. Access Bars continues to be in my life. I listen more to my body. When you receive Bars you relax and you start to trust your own knowing. What if when you start choosing what works for you magic occurs? It has for me.

One day I took my son to the park, after 5 minutes I had a sense of knowing telling me to go back home. I followed the energy. A man passed me and it looked like he was carrying my bag. But my bag was at home. Thoughts flew in my head, no you cannot accuse someone for stealing your bag, it can't be, you will be rude if you ask. I put my thoughts aside and followed the energy. It felt light to go after the man, so I did. Hello is that my bag? He turned around and threw the bag at me, and ran off.
In the bag was my macpro, my friends lap top and my sons ipad. The man had just burgled the house. What else is possible when we follow the energy? The light and expansive energy, even if it might now look like we think it is going to look like.

I have worked as a sports massage therapist for a boxing team, personal trainer, rawfood expert, as a johrei healer. I am a qualified NLP trainer and hypnosis practitioner. Now I work as a yoga teacher, with Access Consciousness and with investments. I choose to work with whats fun for me. It is rewarding to see people change and also to see people make money when they learn to ask questions about where to put their money so the money can work for them.
I have also had a burning interest in what else is possible outside of what we can see with our eyes, the energetic universe. So I have indulged and read over 100 books about metaphysics, god, universe, consciousness, healing and quantum physics. I love Access since all the information that we receive is like we already know it. And we use questions to access our knowing. All the modalities that I have played with has been a contribution in my life.

What contribution can I be to YOU and your BODY?

Currently I live in beautiful Sundbyberg, 10 minutes from Stockholm and previously I lived 17 years in London. I travel a lot to Brazil, that is where my husband is from. So we speak Portuguese at home. I am available to travel around the world and facilitate Access classes and workshops.

You are welcome to book Access Bars sessions, classes, or a clearing session or maybe a money session. What points of views do you have about money? Our points of views stop us from receiving?

I would like to give a special thank you to Gary and Dain for gifting me Access Bars and the tools of Access.

I have seen phenomenal shifts in people who come to my classes and body sessions. That is why I am curious to see what else is possible for me, YOU and everyone else who choose to receive a session, or take a class, or just ask some questions.

What contribution can I be to YOU and your body?

Currently I am facilitating Bars Classes
Ease with money workshops
Access Bars sessions
Energetic Facelift Sessions
MTVSS body sessions
Cellular memory sessions
Acoustic Energy Massage
And other body processes your body might be asking for.

Introductions to Access
Speaking events

The subjects I facilitate is Fun with Parenting, Joy with Money, Pregnancy and Birthing with Ease, Conscious Schools, Joy with bodies, Ease and Joy with nourishing your body. I wrote a book about Ease with birthing, where I have used the tools of Access to generate awareness of what else is possible with birthing that we haven’t thought of asking for yet?

I hope we meet in person someday!


Something has changed after I had my Bars run with Sofie. She asked me to ask some questions to the land I had just bought in Zambia. I received a lot of messages and now I am creating a village from nothing, building houses and selling them. What else is possible? I am so excited. Going from thinking nothing is possible for me only everybody else, to actually making money from building and selling houses.
Cheers Wanda

Dear Sofie I am very grateful to you as when I got back home all my friends and relatives noticed a glow and radiance on my face and they asked me what I did to look that shining and the only thing I did was the Access Bars and Energetic Facelift session that you gave to me 3 days before I left. Thank you very much and I am looking forward for future co-operation at my clinic
Dr Zohra Ragab

Hi Sofie, I’ll definitely be continuing with Access Bars instead of all the psychiatric and psychology appointments. I have been going to endlessly and getting nowhere. I genuinely feel better than I have in 5 years.
Love you all and a kiss for Gabriel. “Shelly”

Sofie brought her own unique personality to the bars class and really showed me the power of questions, which I'd not previously felt comfortable with using. She is a real example of what Access can do for a person - living and breathing the powerful tools that Dain and Gary have brought to the world.
I asked Sofie if she could help with a question to help attract customers to my new bars healing sessions in Brighton... When I arrived home I saw two emails that caught my attention, the first was from Linda, another bars facilitator and good friend in London, Linda had an amazing idea to run a Bars by the Beach session and asked if I would want to be involved in running on in Brighton - yes! The second email was from meetup saying that that organiser of the Brighton Access Consciousness group had stood down without appointing a replacement and would anybody like to take over...Yes please! So I am now a complete question convert, I have my first client contact me today with so little effort - what else is possible?
I would definitely recommend Sofie - thank you "Lorna"

“Dear friend I feel so light the BARS has brought lightness to my body. I don’t want to control the world anymore and everything is fine! Most of my life I have suffered from different eating disorders (Bulemia, Anorexia) and I felt guilty each time I ate something, which was not a salad. Now my appetite is light and I enjoy eating, for the first time since I can remember. Thank you for your amazing existence in my life.” Luana”

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