Name: Kais Khatib
Phone: (903) 269-7808
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Kais Khatib comes from a lineage of spiritual scientists that go back to ancient Egypt. His interest in exploring the depth of humanity started at a very young age. Shy to admit to peers what he perceived he kept it to himself until very recently when discovering Access Consciousness and Access Bars. Grateful for the shift that is now occurring in humanity, he knew he found his calling. Since he was twelve his family has been studying many Mediterranean & Asian healing techniques, holistic food and cures, basically learning how the ancient medicine came from food, herbs, olives, sea water, meditation, positive mental attitude and faith. On his own he decided to study Quantum Touch, Chakra, Tai Chi, advanced meditation and even studying Chinese Kung-Fu.
Access Consciousness was his greatest reward. It connected him to the true divinity he always knew possible; he knew he was meant to be a healer when he was only 4 or 5. Mankind knows everything that has happened, is happening and will ever happen. Access Consciousness was his true awakening and the proof that Yes you can! As a Bars and MTVSS Facilitator now he can finally achieve and guide his clients to achieve everything they ever strived to find answers for, by never looking for an answer to anything but rather LIVING IN THE QUESTION.

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