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My body has been very good at speaking to me. I was ok at listening to it, and also very good at not listening to it, until it started to YELL at me. That was one of the things that lead me to Access. My wonderful body!

My body hurt! I thought that meant I had a bad one, at the same time as somehow knowing that it was trying to tell me something - trying to show me a different way.

I was very good at judging my body. A few times, here or there I came across someone who didn't judge their body, and could feel how much nicer that must be than it was living with the judgments I was living with. I wondered what it would be like to be able to have a body and not judge it. I am most grateful for the tools of access with regard to bodies and the way that access looks at them. I have so much more ease, and know there is so much more available.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this with more people and invite them to have something different with their bodies. I aim to be more of whatever I can be that will invite, create and generate that which allows for bodies to be all they can be.

I have also been lucky enough to witness people who have had so-called incurable diseases who have been cured of them with the use of the tools, awarenesses, and magic that Access Consciousness is and empowers people and their bodies to be. Wow! What else is possible?

Another (of the many things) I am so grateful for is the change I had personally, around addiction.

I had been battling with addiction for quite a few years. I had started taking drugs for fun and slowly and surely was addicted. It wasn't until I noticed that I was behaving in ways that "just weren't me" that I started to move toward not wanting to take drugs anymore. Then a few years later, when I really didn't wish to take them anymore due to the awareness that I was really starting to destroy my life, and my body, I found I couldn't stop, or I'd stop for a while and then somehow it would find its way into my life once again. I even moved away from my home state and away from all my friends as I knew that was the best way for me to do it.

I moved, aiming to start fresh. I started fresh and then sure enough, it was like the patterns had followed me there. Before I knew it I was taking more drugs than I'd ever taken before - and again, couldn't seem to stop - all the while, beating myself up for doing it and for failing at what I had set out to do.

This forced me to really make some demands on myself that this had to stop. This demand was another of the things that lead me to Access. I didn't specifically address the drug thing with Access but doing the Foundation, Level 1, 2, 3 and 7-Day classes (all in the space of less than a year!) created a lot of change.

I was in Australia again after doing the Access classes and I had people around me on drugs, taking drugs and offering me drugs and it was almost like magically, I had no desire for them, without having to fight with myself about it. Something had really changed! In the past if this had have happened it was a constant fight where I had promised myself I wouldn't take drugs but some part of me really wanted to, and I would often end up doing it anyway. does it get any better than that?

I now know what happens when taking drugs is that it creates pathways and patterns and it opens the person up to undesirable energies and entities - I experienced this for myself. It's one thing if someone is taking drugs from choice, but another if they truly don't wish to be taking drugs anymore and can't seem to stop.

I would like to generate an awareness that there is a different choice, and the recovery can come with a lot more ease than people think..without having to replace a drug with another drug as if that's going to solve the problem. Also, I see many people out there see the pit falls of what this reality offers so they go looking for what else is possible and find drugs. Drugs can offer a different view but it seems like it's a b-grade un-sustainable substitute for what's really available to humanoids as humanoids.

What would it be like if all the people out there choosing drugs and destroying themselves and their bodies could access and become the magic we truly are, and can be if we so choose it?

I have always had a huge desire to sing! My father is what I see as an amazing singer. At one point or another, both of my parents scoffed at the idea of me being a singer. This may have been what they saw as a throw away comment, or a joke, but it was something that kept me from singing.

Access facilitated me in getting to the point where I was able to realize that singing is something I love so much - something that really allows me to be me, and brings so much joy for me - that I was going to do it, even if it meant I deafened people with my terrible voice.

This has allowed me to get into music again and be willing to be with exactly where my voice is at, and know that there is so much joy to be had in the exploration of what else is possible with my voice.

I also know there is so much more available with this and am excited about the adventure and discovery of it all.

In choosing to apply the tools that Access Consciousness offers to my life - I have and continue to see great change. It's very hard to put into words how grateful I am for this.

Something I have always enjoyed is empowering people to see the wondrousness that they are...even if they have no idea that there is anything wonderful about them at all!

So...I ask you....will you allow me to facilitate you in changing your life? What contribution can I be to you?

Is there anything in your life you would love to be doing, that you're not?

What would it take to change that for you?

If money weren't the issue, what would you choose?

What if you knew that you didn't have to be perfect to be able to start?

I facilitate people in learning the tools and techniques that Access Consciousness through classes, and I also offer private sessions.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or you would like to book in for a class or a private session. Email: Phone: 0414 535 505



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Access Bars 25/Mar/2017 BYRON SHIRE, NSW Tiffani Brennan