Name: Wendi Jack
Phone: 860 248-0655
Address: 215 wellsford dr
United States
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Thanks for your interest in Access the Bars!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist I offer Swedish and Thai style. In addition to the physical bodywork I have experience and training in Reiki , Polarity, Consegrity, and now the Bars!
My Yoga classes are rather dynamic and offer up something for every body, mind and spirit!

I stumbled upon Access Consciousness and took my first Bars Class and have been off and running
( the Bars, ha!) ever since!
After my first session I fell closer to what Dain Heer refers to as "At worst, a great massage~ at best, a life-changer"!! I was so intrigued by this energy work and how it accesses the consciousness that expands my awareness on so many levels- it truly has changed my life!
and hey~ How Does it Get Any Better Than That???

Looking forward to seeing you for a Bars session or at an upcoming workshop!


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