Name: Carleta Tiba
Phone: 0040729586378 (Romania), 5302183711 ( USA)
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Hello dear Friend and Welcome !

and Thank You for being here..

I am here NOW to enjoy living BE & Facilitate more Ease & Joy on this beautiful Planet.

I am grateful for each breathe I take and for everything & everyone that "comes" my way.

It is my Joy to facilitate others to have more Ease with the Body and with Living and to be more of who they are..

IS NOW the time to step into the natural , exuberant YOU?

IS NOW THE TIME to stop pretending not to know who you are?

Starting with March 2013 I have started to make Access Consciousness available in Romania.

In case I am invited in other countries around Romania or around the world I am happy to go..just let me know.

The classes I organise in Romania are in romanian language and I can also provide translation if needed.

ACCESS Consciousness has Certified Faciliators, bars facilitators, body processes facilitators and bars practitioners all over the world.

What is the difference between these certifications?

A Certified Facilitator can talk the Foundation and Level 1 Classes. These are more advanced classes after the Bars class.

A Bars facilitator can "teach" Bars classes.

A Body Process facilitator can "teach" one day Access Body class (including Access Facelift)

A Bars Practitioner is someone that has attended a Bars class and can do Bars sessions on clients.

I am a Certified Access Consciounsness Facilitator ( that means I can "teach" Foundation and Level 1 classes), a Bars Facilitator ( I can "teach" Bars classes), I am a Body Processes Facilitator ( that means I can "teach" 1 day Access Body processes classes)

As part of my Joy Facilitator "job" I offer:

Access Bars Training-1 day ( in english or romanian)

Foundation& Level 1-4 days classes ( in english or romanian)

Facelift training and Facelift sessions

1 day Access Body Processes Training ( with 2 of the 60 Access Body Processes)

Coaching sessions in person and on distance..

My current location is Bucharest, Romania. I also travel from time to time..

More details about me?

Would you like to be my friend?

You are welcome:

More information about classes?

Wish you Ease, Joy and Glory!


0040729586378 ( Romania)

Would you like to see me on TV? Here it is...enjoy!

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