Name: Joanna Albrecht
Jonesboro, Machias
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I LOVE working with people that wish to release all judgments, stories and limitations that are holding them back from feeling Free, Happy and Peaceful.

If you have pains or stress in your body, heart or mind, an Access Consciousness BARS session is just the thing to help you feel a sense of relief as you drift into a deep state of relaxation.

There is nothing quite like it. It is as relaxing as Reiki, but really targets 32 specific limitations and helps to release them quickly, easily and effortlessly with no drama.

I have been doing Reiki and other modalities of energy healing such as Barbara Brennan and Cherokee healing techniques as well as Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy since 1995, but nothing quite compares to the amazing, lasting results of Access Consciousness BARS. It is truly something not to be missed!

If you can't make it to the Super Relaxing in person session I also do phone sessions which are also wonderful because you can be in your own comfortable space.

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