Name: Tabitha Cawthorne
Phone: 646-531-3125
New York City
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I was working as a Naturopath, an Entrepreneur, Personal Development Coach and quite the seminar junkie when I first heard of Access. I had studied every modality I could find to help give myself and my clients more freedom, more expansiveness and more ease. I had done A.K.,N.E.T., Psych-K, NMT, TBM, EFT, NLP, Touch For Health, Body Talk, and many other 3 letter courses. I was like a kid with 27 training wheels on her bike. They are all effective in their way, but I always came up with a road block that had me looking for more. I realized that you can never really master the bike with 27 sets of training wheels. And every new modality or tool you add displaces the potency of you. Just like placing a lemon (or 5) in a full glass of water... some water must be displaced. What if just by being you...110% of the time that you could change anything? What if all of the things you decided you needed to be whole are not true?

What if you could grow beyond any modality...even this one? What if you found out, like Jim Carey in The Trueman Show, that your whole life was just a play? Would you have the courage to walk off the set? or keep going through the motions as if it were real?

There is no secret. No answer. No magic pill. Just you learning simple tools that allow you to harness the same power that effortlessly holds the stars in the sky. Join me for a fun and eye opening look at :

* What it takes to win your inner game.
* How your emotions effect every aspect of your life and body
* Discover simple, real-world tools to get out of any place you feel stuck
* How to easily break old habits that no longer serve you
* Remember what it is like to be excited about life everyday
* What if your body was actually your best friend?

Avail for private sessions, workshops, speaking at your next corporate event or function or by the day for in house consulting with your entire staff.

skype: accesstabitha

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