Name: Lisa Goodenough
Phone: 0414366841
Address: 163 Old Surrey Road
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Hi, my name is Lisa,

In 2011 I found Access Consciousness and it changed/saved my life. It gave me questions and tools to use that changed the way I looked at my life and the world around me.

At the time, I was living the dream, travelling around Australia in a caravan and house sitting with my husband. That dream was turning into a nightmare where I was slowly changing from a wife into a Carer and I loosing myself to meet what I perceived as his needs. He is a veteran and suffers depression, anxiety, etc. I was tired, stressed, unwell and not handling life on the road without any back-up so I started looking for ways to help my husband. What I found was Access Consciousness. Through the tools of Access Consciousness, I learned I canít help or change anyone else but me and when I started changing, others happened to changed too.

How I found Access Consciousness was through listening to webinars where people were talking about Access Consciousness and doing a lot of verbal processing. It was creating lots of change for me in my outlook and my body. It was suggested that if you were doing a lot of verbal processing you should get your Bars run. I search the internet to see if I could find someone to run my bars and found a Bars class so the first time I had my Bars run was a participant in a Bars class.

I have a background in Massage and other healing techniques, but the Bars are something different and I wanted to know more, learn more. I became a Bars Facilitator and went on to do the 3 Day Body Class, Advanced Body Class, SOP, etc. I love working with bodies, they are amazing. To see the change in people after a Bars session is such a gift to me and them.

The Bars is a very dynamic hands-on body process that can help with sleep problems, mood, balance, alleviate pain, relieve stress, and much, much more. You never know what will change during a Bars session all I know is change will happen.

If you would like to have a Bars session or learn how to run the Bars give me a call.

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