Name: Lee Flanagan
Phone: 0424 189 185
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My introduction to Access Consciousness ‘Bars’ was when I was working at a shop in Mooloolaba doing clairvoyant readings and the owner of the shop offered to run my ‘Bars’ one day. As I wasn’t very happy at the time and wanted things to change, I thought why not? Throughout that session there was a lot of emotional stress leaving my body and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. At that moment I realised this worked for me and I wanted to know more. I have always been interested in natural therapies and had been seeking more happiness for a long time.

Seeing how much my life was opening up and changing, I started getting my Bars run weekly and continue to do so. I love having my Bars run and its amazing what unravels in a session.
If you would like to be's simple, have your Bars run!

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