Name: Nadia Rabiller
Phone: 0423 151 912
Buderim Sunshine Coast
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Access Consciousness changed my life!

I am Nadia and thank you for taking the time to read, and I am guessing that if you are on this website, you are LOOKING for a change! If you are (or know someone) finding yourself more and more confused and frustrated, please consider seriously attending a Bars session!
This is what happened to me!
Not so long ago I received out of the blue, from a friend, an email about a workshop she was running and “warned me “that it could change my life and could make me feel very happy for once and for all! Well, I remember clearly saying to myself “Oh what ever, far too easy to be true! And if it is true why I have-not done this before! “
Still, at the last minute I decided to drive on a pouring Thursday night to her “special “workshop, I remembered coming back home and “feeling so good, everything became clear ” and wanted more of THAT?
By the Saturday of the same week I was on my friend’s massage table receiving my first Bars!
The rest is history!
Words cannot explain in any rational way how this phenomenal tool, The Bars, accompanies you in your daily life and make it easier not only for yourself but others (family members, colleagues, friends’, even pets!) I am experiencing levels of peace, gratitude and joy that blow me away every day and it just keeps on expanding. It is beyond far what you can even imagine! Not only are you experiencing expansion of being YOU; you are also getting clearer and clearer about all those make believes systems that make us feel so powerless.
Using the tools of Access Consciousness gifts me the possibilities of changing my WHOLE life!

Every day I ask for "more to show up" in my life…and every day it does!

How does it get any better than this?

Access Consciousness - Empowers People to Know That They Know!

What do you know that if you allowed yourself to know it, would CHANGE your whole life?

I invite you to CHANGE any area of your life that is not working.

• Would you like to receive an Access Bars Session?
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What are you waiting for?
What else is possible?

I also travel from the Sunshine Coast to other area to run Access Bars One to One session or can organise an Access Bars Classes near you. Skype call facilitation is also available

I look forward to meeting you!

Kind Regards
Nadia Rabiller
Mobile 0423 151 912

Thu 25/07/2015 6:31 AM
Hi Nadia
thank u so much for all your contribution to us !
I say us – as the changes I see in M and SHE feels are fantastic....and I am the one who had bars run on
we talked non stop yesterday on all differences in our life in 1 day......
and so much laughing – we had to buy a new expensive fluoro fancy light as it just stopped working – and the guy at light shop – gave it free of charge to Missy as it shouldn’t have blown – she came out of shop and burst out laughing and said – how does it get any better than that......
we got a part right outside front door of hospital (never ever get a park so close before) – a guy backed out for us to go in –we looked at each other and laughed & does it get any better than that.......and lots of small & major other things all day
Yes would like to keep in touch – we are hoping to do our 2nd bars with you later – and whatever else is possible??????
thanks again Nadia
kind regards,
Bargara Qld Australia

Thursday, 12 July 2015 5:04 PM
Thanks Nadia
I have statements and questions now glued around the house. Might have to explain it to visitors. Did some serious and intentional 'meditations' yesterday and this morning. And getting into a habit with the strategy POC n POD after limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings. I sense a shift evidenced by the way I feel. What space and consciousness can I be to receive ALL I require to succeed in every aspect of my life?
Sue B Torquay QLD Australia

Thu 12/07/2015 6:13 PM
Bring it on. How can I be more ready to RECEIVE. How can I feel more deserving? What evidence will become available that I am worthy. How much more easily can my life progress.....!!!
Sue B Torquay QLD Australia

Sun 15/07/2015 4:38 PM
Hello Nadia!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for yesterday's session. I felt so good afterwards and am so grateful to have been given this experience - gratitude to you!I feel very blessed to have such beautiful people like yourself and Chris in my life now. I'm very very lucky....!!!!!I will use the tools below and I know it will help me incredibly from now, and forever.I look forward to seeing you again soon. Elle x
Eladie S Rivers Head QLD Australia

Wed 18/07/2015 9:14 PM
Have more amazing news!
How much better can it get!
Sue B Torquay QLD Australia

Fri 20/07/2015 6:19 PM
HDIGABTT? just out for tea, read email, paid for meat tray tickets & won!
Tina L Maryborough QLD Australia

Thu 23/07/2015 7:59 PM
Thankyou hun,
Thankyou for these reminders & to see the words
You r a special magical inspirational person that I am fortunate to have in my life
Cheers Tina
Tina L Maryborough QLD Australia

Wed 1/07/2015 7:06 PM
"Thanks Nadia. U r awesome & thanks 4 my awareness awesomeness!
Tina L Maryborough QLD Australia

Fri 3/07/2015 7:50 AM
I am grateful to have my bars run by Nadia as she brings in a positive and peaceful energy that brings balance and clarity to my life and inspires my future life choices as well as freeing my body from chronic discomforts.
Tina Spurling Maryborough, Qld Australia

Hello Lovely Nadia. Thanku for the potent session today. I feel amazing! HDIGABTT? Much gratitude to u XXX mwah!

JA M Eli Waters QLD Australia

Nadia Oohh my G!!!Awarerness; If I am not owning the greatness of me I can’t delegate it!! Cute not brightXXX

JA M Eli Waters QLD Australia

Sun 12/06/2015 11:10 AM
Thank you Nadia and Jo and definitely Chris
The money class tools are in progress and results already How does it get any better then this??

Trish Y Hervey Bay QLD Australia

Tue 14/06/2015 3:57 PM
Money Class
Going to sit down and plan my therapy for the rest of the year!!
Ty ty weip
With Gratitude

Thu 16/06/2015 8:20 AM
Morning Nadia,
i am so looking forward to tonight thankyou so much for the contribution that you are
Jenny R Hervey Bay QLD Australia

Sat 18/06/2015 12:51 PM
Morning Nadia, again thank you so much for the contribution you have made to my life what a wonderful class.

Right back at u Nadia so grateful hdigabtt & weip? Xx
Brenda M Hervey bay Qld Australia

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