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Hello my name is Rioha and quite simply the Access Consciousness tools have changed my life. I have so much joy in my life that sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I would like to invite you to the same. Every single time I ask how does it get any better than this, it does. I have more ease, more joy and more glory in my life than I could have ever imagined. Do you know that you can too? Do you know it can be easy and fun? I love to play with these tools and I love to facilitate other as they learn to play with these tools too? What would it take for you to come play with me? Would you like to play your way to a life of joy? I did and I know that you can too. You have everything inside of you already and I can assist you in discovering that for yourself. How amazing is that? Come play with me my beautiful friend to be and lets get more joyful together! or what ever else it is you would like more of!

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Coming Home by Rioha Fortner

As a child I often felt out of place, like I didnít fit in and as if I were born on the wrong planet. I was angry, frustrated and confused. The way people were with each other in this world didnít make sense to me and it hurt me in ways hard to describe.

Iíve been living in the questions these last few months. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? What can I do about this? Who does this belong to? Knowing every judgment I or others have is just an interesting point of view.

Iíve been willing to dig in and take a look at what is going on in my universe. Look at the things I wanted to stay hidden because of what it might mean about who I am. As I have been willing to do this all those judgment of myself, all those things that Iíve tried to hide; I learned that they are all a lie. What has happened as Iíve allowed myself to be vulnerable? At the deepest level, at my being, I have found that I am an amazing, joyful, potent woman. It was like coming home and home was me.

The joy and ease that this discovery has brought into my life is amazing. Do you know what blows my mind? This is just the beginning of a Journey with no Destination and of endless possibilities. This ease and awareness I have is going to allow for more and more joy, leading to more ease and awareness. It will continue to get better than this. I have no destination in mind. I just have a knowing that by being my joyful/joy filled self I am going to have a positive powerful impact on the world, more so than anything I can do, what I can be is going to change everything.

Being Joy,


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