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Hello & welcome!

My name is Anne Clarke I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Bars Facilitator, Body process Facilitator and Practitioner. Consciousness Horse Consciousness Rider Facilitator.

My joy comes from asking how does it get any better than this? and choosing more than I previously perceived possible. My involvement with Access has introduced me to fabulous people across the globe asking similar questions.

My target is to constantly expand my consciousness, abilities, and capacities, and be an invitation to others to a different reality

What would your life look like if you were choosing for you?

How does it get any better than this?

For Now.
Love, hugs, and laughter,

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Gratefully received

3 January 2017

Simone P: "Do you know why I love talking with you?" 

Me: Laughing, No

Simone P.:  "I feel like I have had a whole class afterwards :)”

Me: How does it get any better then that and can I quote you?!

Access Consciousness Foundation & Level 1 Class

Before Access Consciousness knowing I was different felt like a wrongness of me. I tried to fit in but often saw myself on the outside, just off to the side of life. In November I had my Bars run and something shifted for me. A dear, dear friend said "I have your back" and in that moment I felt connected. Later I attended Access Foundation and Level 1 with the lovely

Anne Clarke from Scotland. That was an amazing four days. It opened me up to things my old belief system would not have allowed me to even consider. I learned about being in allowance of others and myself, and that not judging anyone or anything frees up a whole lot of space in my head and in my life.

Anne is a wonderful facilitator. She is gentle in her approach; never pushy
or dogmatic. By staying in the question she facilitates you coming to your
own knowing and awareness' does it get any better than that?

Nula G Ireland 2/2013

Foundation and level 1 in sunny Tipperary with Anne Clarke July 2013.

To express what I got from this weekend in words just limit the experience.

We laugh, we cried, we laughed, oh did I say we laughed? Never mind about sore ribs, you know that pain (intensity) you get in the cheeks of your face from laughing so much, I'd forgotten about that sensation, I could not believe I've not felt that for at least 10 years. Thank you for bringing that joy back.

Watching Anne do what she does is a total contribution. Having her facilitate you is something everyone needs to experience. You can see the changes happening in front of you, perceive the energy shifts in the room. Anne is an invitation to a different possibility.

This was my birthday weekend, and I choose to be in Foundation and level 1, could I have chosen something different? Yes. What a gift to give oneself, To Be in such a nurturing, supportive, and expansive space. Anne my gratitude to you for you being who you be, in total ease, joy and glory. What fun can we have now?

Thank you
Dee O'Connor

Hi Anne,

I hope you had a safe and pleasant trip back home to Scotland. Thank you again so much for an amazing few days. It was life changing. I get a sense of lightness and trust now that is so wonderful. You are so amazing and beautiful in every way possible.

Foundation and Level 1 is absolutely mind blowing literally. The amount of clearing and processing that takes place over the 4 days is incredible.

So much energy shifts. It’s the most valuable opportunity to bring up whatever is bothering you, talk about it and just let it go with the help of Anne and all the clearings, questions etc that are part of the course. How does it get any better than that?

Of all the modalities and personal development and soul searching I've done over the years this has been the most profound. Access is just amazing. It covers everything and all aspects of your life. It’s not all serious either. It can be so much fun if you so choose it to be.

As for the gorgeous Anne well she is just so wonderful. She is a very warm and caring person. She is so calm, at ease and peaceful within herself and this is what drew me to her. She is also lots of fun and creates a very welcoming, friendly and open environment.

I felt totally safe and so comfortable around her. She is so approachable and I felt I could ask her anything which I pretty much did over the few days. She is such a beautiful person and I am so grateful for her and what she contributes to this universe.

How lucky was I to be part of her foundation and level 1 class!

Thank you so very much Anne. I am extremely grateful to you.

Lots of hugs and kisses to you. Xxxx

A.H. Dublin 2/2013

I am very happy that I had a chance to participate in Anne Clarke's Foundation and Level 1 class in Dublin in February 2012.

Anne is an amazing facilitator; she is very intuitive and has a unique ability to connect with people on a very deep level which allowed her to make this class so beneficial for all of us. The group was small so all of us had a chance to clear the issues that were the most important for us. Anne found time for each and every one of us, she created this absolutely non-judgmental space where we were could open up completely and discuss our most private issues. Some of the things I was able to talk about and clear I have never discussed with anyone before so I could finally let go of them.
Anne also answered all the questions about the tools and processes of Access Consciousness that I had not fully understood before and now I use them on daily bases for myself and for my clients. The most dynamic tool that brought a huge change for me was the clearing statement. I've noticed that now I have more intensive perception of the energies around me than I had before the class. I am feeling more present and alive, I have more energy than before, and I am more organised and motivated.

Anne showed us a lot of support after the class, she is always in touch, and we can ring her or e-mail her with any doubts or questions. I really appreciate that big time, it's important to have that support when so much change is happening so dynamically. Thank you Anne for everything, I am looking forward to working with you in the future! Lots of love.

Monika Foltman Dublin 2/2013

After meeting at a Mind Body & Spirit Exhibition

New Awareness.

I first heard of the Access Bars through a friend who felt that it would benefit me to have a session after the difference he had felt within himself having tried it.

I made a beeline for Anne at a mind body and spirit fair to book my ‘taster’ session. I lay down with an open mind looking forward to relaxing for a half an hour.

Anne had said “you are not the same person getting off the table as the one who got on”.

Well I swear that’s exactly what happened. I cannot fully put into words the shift in me that took place. Life goes on around me as usual but how I react is different.

I lay down with a lot of baggage, sadness, guilt and depression and left lighter in spirit. Not only does this open my life to joy, I believe it affects those around me too.

Heather Buchan. North East Scotland 4/2013

On asking a question..

Anne suggested that I ask the house to find its new owners; I wrote a letter to the house asking it to find itself a LOVING family that would enjoy living there and bring more love and laughter into its life. 3 days later the House went on the market at noon (Not even schedule printed or on the Internet) and still sold in 4 hours!

J.B. North East Scotland 3/2013

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