Name: Sally Kirwin
Phone: 612-910-5504
South St. Paul
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In mid-January 2007, my friend, Elaine, invited me to go along with her to Nashville to the first set of Access classes; Bars, Foundations and Level I. On a lark, I said sure, sounds like fun, might be something interesting to do with people as a sideline.

Life, as I knew it, has not been the same since then.

During those first classes I could feel limiting energies, judgments and conclusions literally fly out of my body. By the time I left to return to Minnesota, I felt a kind of lightness of being that is not easily described.
The freedom I have experienced since then by living these tools has taken me places I couldn't imagine.

And I said to Toto, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!"

Now,running Bars and clearing statements with clients is facilitating some amazing changes. A local CEO tripled the value of his company in six months. Pschologists cannot believe the rapid "progress" they make when they let go of judgments and conclusions and allow themselves out of the box. Those with chronic pain find relief. How does it get any better than that?

What might be possible for you?

Now, I am bringing these tools to birthing women and families and caregivers. As a longtime Doula and Labor and Delivery RN, I know this work can revolutionize the birth scene; What would it take to give birth without fear, even to the place of ecstacy? What if babies were recognized as conscious beings? What would it be like to be born with ease, joy and glory? And whatever that brought up.......

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