Name: Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross
Phone: 01 207 9881
Address: Life and Balance Centre. F8 Nutgrove Office Park
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My uniqueness and expertise is in being able to use my skills in multiple systems to offer you choices. I combine state of the art technology and my training to provide you with choices to enhance your life. I focus on your individual targets and then provide you with the appropriate information for you to choose the type of care which is right for your requirements.

When you hear me speak, you will realise I am actually from Australia. My primary location is in Dublin, Ireland. My centre Life and Balance Centre has been empowering people to achieve their greatest quality of life for the past five years. Please visit for more information.

I also work with groups from athletes to corporations within Ireland and worldwide, empowering people to achieve their greatest potential.

Dr. Tammy's credentials:
- studied Applied Science/Chiropractic at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. This is a five year full-time degree.
- Trained in Neuro-Infiniti Technology. This new technology is used to measure how you are dealing with stress pre and post care. It measures brainwave, heart rate and five other neurophysiological responses. This test provides invaluable information on how you are working on the inside and can also be used for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training where you can learn to gain control over these responses.

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