Name: Linda Greenfield, AP
Phone: 305-519-9711
Address: 9420 SW 77th Avenue Suite 201 Miami, FL 33156
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I am very proud that I receive many compliments from my past Bars Class students for 2 key reasons:

1. I emphasize the importance of the Bars Class.
Even though the Bars Class is "just" the introduction to the basic AC tools, I can not affirm strongly enough that these basic AC tools are the GROUNDWORK SKILLS YOU WILL USE THE MOST!!
AC provides such a powerfully felt shift that many hurry to take higher and higher level classes in their quest to become more enlightened. As I unlock more and more of my personal limitations, the more I utilize these basic tools.

2. I take every effort to work ONE-ON-ONE with each participant to MANUALLY locate all the bars points.
In addition, I periodically offer Bars exchanges only for my past students as follow up teaching support.

Join me in sharing this powerful life shifting material.
Isn't it wonderful that the Universe has crossed your path with mine?
How can it get better than that?

Linda ;-]

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