Name: Ajana Miki, ND, LAc
Phone: (541) 482-0846
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Hello lovely one,

Thank you for taking a moment to explore what else is possible!

I have been on a personal and professional journey through healing and towards awakening for...well, since I can remember. Started dragging my parent's to the temples in Kyoto to be close to the monks, when I was 3 feet tall.

Professionally, I have been facilitating healing work for over 20 years. In private practice as a Naturopathic physician and an Acupuncturist for over 10 years. In session, I use tools from training in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy, Native American and Peruvian shamanic techniques, Hellinger family constellation work and most importantly the graceful guidance of my body's intuition. I facilitate various workshops in movement, meditation, qi gong, breathwork and healing techniques.

Since connecting with the tools of Access Consciousness™, I have witnessed profound shifts in my own life and even greater shifts in the lives of my patients. Most importantly, greater ease and with that more joy. Patterns that have been with me through hundreds of hours of therapy and meditation retreats, seem to have disappeared into thin air. It is not that I feel completely different but as I bump up against daily life, I am surprised again and again by the ease that I feel in places that were previously sticky or uncomfortable.

No longer waiting for something magical to happen or for someone to come along and make my life better. Instead, I find myself perpetually excited to discover what it is that this infinite limitless being can create and generate on this magical planet.

How does it get any better than this?

I look forward to playing with you in the field of infinite possibility!


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