Name: Pamela Stevens-Steffensen
Phone: 801-520-4595
Salt Lake City
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My name is Pamela and I am ON FIRE with EXCITEMENT about Access Consciousness! It seems like my whole life I have always LOOKED FOR WAYS to do things BETTER and FASTER. And let me tell you, over the last 20 years, in my quest for CREATING GROWTH and PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION at the HIGHEST possible level, I have learned about and used many different healing and energy modalities. In my experience, when it comes to personal transformation, Access absolutely is the BEST and FASTEST WAY to create POSITIVE CHANGE on a daily basis using simple and effective TOOLS THAT WORK! Access really does help to make possible a life of FREEDOM and JOY!

Is it OK if I share a little bit more about what brought me to Access? Twelve years ago, I began using ENERGY MEDICINE to work with people who were EXPERIENCING physical, emotional, or spiritual CHALLENGES in their lives. During this time, I became part of a group called “MY HEALING TEAM” and contributed to and was recognized in the book, What’s Your Frequency? by Ed Kuiper.  Over the course of the next several years, I studied and received certificates in several different branches under the umbrella of Energy Psychology.  These included BioKinetics, EFT, Psych-K, Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Thought Shifting, and The Emotion Code.  I also completed a one year program for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. I was DELIGHTED to be able to use these many tools to HELP MYSELF and OTHERS release and clear out the emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding us back. Using these tools, I found that we EXPERIENCED GREATER ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS and FREEDOM in our lives.

When I discovered Access Consciousness, I knew I had found something TRULY UNIQUE. Within a few weeks of hearing Dain Heer and Rikka Zimmerman on a telesummit, I had taken my first 2 bars classes, and had officially become an ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS “JUNKIE!” Within a few more weeks, I had taken the Foundation and Level 1 classes, and a few months later I took the level 2 & 3 classes--all from Gary Douglas. After almost 2 decades of using personal development techniques and energy modalities to create POSITIVE CHANGE in my life, I knew I had finally found what I believe is the FASTEST and BEST way to feel MORE EASE and JOY in my life, and create and GENERATE MORE MONEY and BETTER RELATIONSHIPS. Access’ super-charged tools for RAPID personal transformation quickly became A FAVORITE of mine! I have been using them to help myself and those I work with BLAST OUT subconscious BARRIERS and LIMITING BELIEFS ever since. The Access tools and processes have been a HUGE CONTRIBUTION to my life. Since I began using them, my joy, peace, money, and RESULTS have SKYROCKETED! How does it get any BETTER than that?!

In addition to facilitating BARS CLASSES, and doing my Energy Work, I have a mentoring program called, “Your Phenomenal Life.” I also do trainings which teach others how to SHORT-CIRCUIT STRESS and SUPERCHARGE RELATIONSHIPS. I love what I do!

Before I discovered my PASSION for the “HEALING ARTS” I received a B.A. degree in Communication with a Minor in Spanish, from the University of Utah, where I graduated with Honors.  Being a wife and mother for 28+ years, I DELIGHT in SPENDING TIME with my FAMILY and being actively involved with my two awesome kids--Caitlin, age 17, and Parker, age 20.  I LOVE being OUTDOORS and enjoy snowskiing, waterskiing, hiking, the ocean, and yoga.

I would love to meet you and CONTRIBUTE to YOU. What CONTRIBUTION could I be in your life? What would it take for you to EXPERIENCE having your Bars run, and LEARN how to run Bars for others? What if by CHOOSING to experience one of my BARS CLASSES, your life began to unfold in AMAZING & MAGICAL ways? Wouldn’t it be FUN to find out what else is POSSIBLE here?!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I would love to connect with you!

Looking forward to meeting you!



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