Name: Louise Derksen
Phone: 2508681122
Address: Towne Centre Mall #24-565 Bernard Ave
British Columbia, Alberta
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Louise Derksen is a Certified Facilitator® and Body Process Facilitator® who uses Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness to expand consciousness and empower others to improve their lives in proportions of magnitude with ease and fun!

After many years of training and using different modalities in Natural Health plus going to medical doctors, Louise was at her wits end of how to assist her family who were experiencing anxiety, ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, pain, trauma, the disease of poverty, and unhappiness! No-thing was making the difference she knew was possible for her loved ones.

Knowing there was other possibilities Louise started asking questions; what else is there? Who do I talk too? Access Bars came up and Louise chose to attend an Access Bars class with her son in Vancouver. This turned out to be life changing!

“Two weeks of running Bars on my son he jumped in the car after school and said “I’ve got my happy back, Mum!” School and home have been a completely different for all of us. My son is happy, he's smiling when he goes to school and he's smiling when he's finished. His wicked sense of humour is back and he has a set of tools he uses every day. He is getting positive feedback from those around him. He has great days (not day, days). Access Bars has dropped my stress levels from a 10+ to a 2 and it’s opened me up to enjoying my life and the people I love!”

The transformation of her family lead Louise to start using these tools in other parts of life. She applied them to business and money and transformed from debt and confusion into creating and generating income and a business with family in joy and ease. "We went from everyone sick once a month to one person every 3-4 months." What do you know is possible for your life and body?

"Bars and Access Consciousness® has been a life changing gift to me and my family and the possibility of living a phenomenal life and it just keeps getting better and better. What if this was the change you are asking for?

“We covered so much in such a short time I don’t know how Louise did it. She is beyond incredible! I can say with confidence that she has changed my life on such a large scale and I will forever be grateful.” C.S.

Louise has the following Certification:

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator
Right Voice For You Facilitator

Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner,
Touch For Health Practitioner,
Body Management Practitioner,
Biofeedback Practitioner

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