Name: Ben Noble
Phone: 206.218.3174
San Diego
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Have you spent most of your life taking care of everyone and everything other than yourself? Are you ready to receive nurture and care for you? Have you known your whole life there is a greater possibility out there that what you've been told? Are you ready to create it?

The tools and body processes of Access Consciousness can empower you to change, release, and create anything in your life you desire!

When I read Dr. Dain Heer's book, Being You Changing The World, my whole life changed. As I did the clearings in the book I became aware of new possibilities and my own energy healing capacities awakened. The many Access classes and body processes I have taken and learned since then have only expanded these gifts.

Using Access Tools along with my own intuitive healing gifts I can tap into the energy of your body and sense where you are locking your limitations, abuses, judgements and anything else that is holding you back from showing up as the Miracle you are in the world. Not only do I do body sessions in person, I can do them just as dynamically over Skype or Google Hangouts- facilitating release and supporting you in the change you are choosing anywhere in the world! Contact me today and reserve your session to receive ALL of you!

What are the infinite possibilities we can discover together?!

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