Name: Heather Smith
Phone: 415.309.6114 mobile USA
Address: Skype: heather.smith557
San Rafael
San Rafael, California
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Access Consciousness Staff

I am so grateful to have the tools of Access Consciousness to play with and for creating my life!

I found Access over 11 years ago now and it continues to be a source of adding ease and joy to my life.

I have to say, at first I totally dismissed it as just another healing/energy modality. Frankly at that point in my life I had had enough spiritual practice. I was up to my eyeballs in the significance, judgments of the right way to do everything, and continually feeling wrong that I didn’t get the lasting changes the other people said they got from the million different modalities I had tried over the years. For over 10 years I had been studying and practicing every and any modality I could find. I was able to create miracles in my life such as healing myself of Asthma, which was not suppose to be possible. The difficulty was - well just how difficult creating change was.

I was frustrated with the small increments of change and that most change rarely lasted very long. I seemed like I never could get the results I was suppose to be able to with what I was being taught. I was different and other people’s answers never worked well for me.

One of the most refreshing and different things about Access Consciousness and the founder Gary Douglas I noticed right away was how he was not giving me an answer. He was providing me with questions to find out for myself what was true for me and what works for me - Wow!!!! I never met anyone like that before!

The other huge relief that dramatically changed my life in the first few classes was one of the “10 keys to freedom” that Access teaches; “no form, no structure, no significance.”

Now, coming from 10+ years of studying metaphysical and spiritual practices that were all about getting the form and structure right. Every modality placed incredible significance on getting it right and that they had the right answer, and even claiming it was dangerous to not do it right... and the amount of work and energy it took to make everything significance, or try and find the meaning and significance in everything that showed up in my life. It was a huge amount of work, effort and judgment of myself to keep all that significance going.

Gary asked, “What if nothing was significant? What if it just is what it is and does not mean anything in particular?” Literally in that moment I dropped every significance I had bought into, I had created and I had been holding onto, or holding in place. The relaxation and relief in my world was incredible. From that day forward I never made anything significant like I did before. That one thing was a huge amount of freedom that changed my life.

Without having to make anything significant any more, I was free to play, to explore, to find out by trying things…and discover what works for me. With Access, I can change things as quickly or as slowly as I would like to. I can change anything, or not change, as I choose.

The tools of Access have opened up a different perspective on everything - that allows me to create my life rather than live at the effect of other people. Everything is easier. No matter what shows up in my life, it is easier to have joy.

There are several ways I continue to play with the Access tools of empowerment.
You can find me at to find all the stuff I have going on.

I wrote a novel based on my 11 years of playing with Access and the additional 10 years of study and play with energy and healing. The novel is called “The Pharaoh’s Builders,” and you can find it at

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