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San Mateo/BAY AREA
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I had my first BARS session 10 years ago from seasoned Bars Facilitator Martha Haymond. Looking back, I could see how her first sessions unraveled my consciousness so that I could open myself to healing modalities beyond Reiki, which was my first healing class that I took when I was in my early 20's.

When I had my first Bars Session, I thought I was on the top of the world. Looking back, I was living like a bird in the guilded cage. As long as I fit the profile of what my ex wanted from me, I could enjoy the life I had. I was judged for everything about me, and I kept myself busy living up to their expectations. My relationship began to fall apart after that, and it was what I was secretly asking for and didn't know the way out. It's a long story, but my point is, the Bars transformed me in so many ways. I know I am more present in my body. I feel more awareness and have the courage and trust in myself to be me.

It's just after Thanksgiving 2012, and we have new Testimonials to put up on a site called Spirit
I continue to use my Access gifts with Spirit Touch and have had profound results. Access has been my foundation to stay grounded and clear, as we continue to develop the Spirit Touch process which enhances a way to clear limitations and blocks in a conscious way. It seems as if, working with the birth blueprint from which a person is born, it helps to root out the original challenges chosen in this life time.

as of September 2012, I feel that I am much more aligned with who I am. I have embraced many different healing practices, all of which have served it's purpose. I LOVE Access because this process opens you up to being in the question. How does it get better than this? and What else is possible? I use these questions constantly. There's more and more possibility as I can open myself to what can I have? What more is there to experience. I am now excited about launching Spirit Touch with Dean Price ( producer of New Earth Expo and Master Astrologer, who I met by Divine Appointment to share this practice. It is not part of Access Consciousness, but Access enhances what Spirit Touch has to offer. Spirit Touch is a process that uses the Astrological planetary aspects and presents a holographic story of what you are going to be working on during this lifetime. I will be teaching Bars as a separate class, and Spirit Touch will be another option for those who are interested. I have discovered that working with both processes has had some powerful effects. I look forward to having other Bars Facilitator's come to one of our Free Thursday sessions to try it. How does it get better than this? What else is possible?

In 1977, I got my Bachelor's in Psychology at UC Berkeley. I knew early on, that I was not interested in being an ordinary clinical psychologist. I chose to take time to work and find what I really wanted to do, and I went to work in the family business as a hairstylist. I've been behind the salon chair working one on one with individuals for the past 40 years.

Being a stylist behind the chair was creative and rewarding, but after 40 years, I feel a need to expand my gifts of healing that will satisfy my soul to be active living my life purpose. I can feel that there is much more of me to offer, and I am finding that being an Access Consciousness facilitator is the next step in finding the platform that will help me find the people that I need to be with. I learned that nothing is more attractive than seeing a person grow spiritually. Being a part of that process that helps a person discover the beautiful soul that resides within is an intoxicating motive for me. I love helping people be the best of who they choose to be.

My interests have spread to out of the box subjects such as Reiki, Psychic phenomenon, American and Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, BaZi, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physics, Quantum Physics, Laying on of hands, Handwriting analysis, Palmistry, all forms of religions, Alien contact, Teachers such as Yogananda, Ramtha, Abraham and more. It's all energy.

My personal life had many challenges built in, all of which I have accepted were there for me to grow my awareness from. I lost my father at a young age, was raised by an angry mother, had my son kidnapped by his father, lost my home and everything material, and with each experience, miracles sprouted forth and I continue to forge on. Using Access tools to destroy and uncreate, and getting BARS sessions often, have helped me move forward faster and quicker. I have created my own businesses, many times, and still grow in that area. As long as I am living, there is still more to discover. How does it get better than this? What else is possible?

I am a mother of three successful and loving children. Parenting is gift and I am positive that I can assist you with your relationships with your children, should that topic come up in our sessions.

I look forward to meeting you! From where ever you come from. If you'd like to come for more than one day, and if you were to come from out of town, I can help you find reasonable accommodations.

I am just 10 min. from the San Francisco airport, so if you are coming to fulfill your Bars it's less than 15 minutes to or from the airport. If you flew into the Oakland Airport, you can within 3 miles by BART which is a 45 min. ride. A short cab ride can get you here.

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