Name: Jan Mcilwraith
Phone: 61400621471
Address: 3 Kilani Court Eltham
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What would your life look like if you were able to receive more of YOU?

What contribution to the world could you be if you could receive more of YOU?

Ever wondered if there was more to life than you are currently perceiving, well you are not alone…

Learning The Bars has been a remarkable part of my journey. I had my first Bars session and can honestly say that since then, the transformation has been incredible.

Learning how to receive has been one of my most important lessons. I had always regarded myself as a giver and as a Remedial Massage Therapist, created the perfect role to facilitate this. I never regarded receiving in the same terms as giving, and had a belief that it was more Divine to give rather than receive. During my first two sessions of receiving The Bars, I had a strong urge to jump right off the massage table, as I had obviously had enough. So for me to have the awareness that I was uncomfortable in receiving, allowed me to perceive other aspects of my life that I was limiting myself to truly receive what the Universe has to offer. This included love, joy, money, intimacy and happiness, just to name a few! With all of the personal development work I have undertaken in the last decade, the insight gained from The Bars has facilitated one of the greatest shifts for me.

I am so excited that I can now teach others how to run The Bars and incorporate this amazing technique as part of my work with clients. During a client consultation, I will ask their body what it requires, and this has prompted a big change in the way I now work. Clients often fall asleep during The Bars and I often sense that the client is energetically much lighter after a session.

I highly recommend learning The Bars if you would like to offer this phenomenal treatment to family or friends, or even as a practitioner. As a practitioner who has studied many different modalities over many years, I can see the benefit in incorporating the Bars into a client’s treatment plan. The ability to finish a treatment with Restructuring of Bodies is something that your clients will love and appreciate as it locks in a new paradigm for the client.

So if you are willing to open yourself to all aspects of your incredible life, and are now asking

“What else is possible?”

then The Bars may be just what you have been waiting for.

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