Name: Marina Mosina-Frazier
Phone: 714-718-4296
Address: Orange County, Los Angeles County, California
CA, Nevada
USA and beyond
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Would you like to join me on a playground of Consciousness on a journey beyond words? What if your life was easy and fun? Come play with me!

Have you ever had the knowing that you were finally “home”? “Home” is that space and place where you are completely present, at peace and you know that you are whole and complete. “Home” is also a place where you do not require or desire anything and all you are is just a Being, being totally present in the moment of now. It is that feeling of ease, joy and total peace. It is the space of YOU.

I have been one a journey to the place of Being me for my whole life. I have done and experience many modalities and philosophies that I thought would “fix” me. Now I have found my “Home” and I know that I was never broken. I was just different. And now I came back home to ME.

Using the tools and processes of Access ConsciousnessTM I was able to step into the Being who I know I Be. And let me tell you, it is a yummy and delicious place to Be. Wow!!! How does it get even better?

As an Access Bars Facilitator I feel blessed and delighted to be able to contribute to your journey beyond words and worlds. It is my absolute joy to share the tools of Access ConsciousnessTM, beginning with Access Bars, to assist you with stepping into the Being that you Be and choosing the life that you desire to have. You are not broken and I am not here to “fix” you. I am just here to re-mind you of who you already are, and the amazing and Infinite Being that you Be.

As a mom of a phenomenal 3-year-old girl, I love to work with parents and kids, and parenting groups to assist them in re-learning how to facilitate their children from a conscious choice, instead of “expert” advice. As a parent, you are the only expert on your child. What would it take for us to come and be conscious parents together and support each other in bringing up conscious kids? One of the things that I’d like to share with parents is that if you have your kids with you, you are able to bring then to class or private session if you desire to do so and know that it would work for you and your child. Being a parent, I sometimes find it difficult to attend events or classes because I have to find childcare for my daughter. So what contribution can I be for you and your amazing kids?

I also enjoy working with healing professionals, be it hands on or an energy healing modality that they practice. What if you as a healer were able to be and facilitate healing from a space of Being? What change and transformation will that create for your clients? And what if you were willing to receive healing for you, just because your body wanted to have more ease?

I have a BA degree in Business and Human Resources Management and have had a lot of sales and business management training over the years which gives me a good understanding of how sales “work” or don’t “work”. Using the tools of Access Consciousness, we can work together to create and actualize more balance, productivity, sales, and ease in your business.

Professional athletes, performers, actors and everyone else can also benefit from using Access Consciousness tools to have more ease and joy in their lives and careers.

So as you consider all of your infinite possibilities, I invite you to choose what works for you!

I would love to contribute to your life by facilitating an Access Bars class, parenting or business seminar or a yummy private Bars or an Energetic Facelift session. What would you like to choose today that would add more ease, and joy, and glory to your Being?

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