Name: Meryl Brinin
Phone: 917-301-6560
Address: 2825 West 12 Street Apt 13M
New York
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I am accelerated light energy healer, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, & Access Bars Practitioner residing in Brooklyn, NY.

My Healing Services Include: Transformational Life Coaching, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Reiki,
The Bars, & Accelerated Light Healing.

I have studied Ayurveda & Meditation with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center & Spa as well as being a Certified Champissage (Indian Head Massage) & Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Practitioner.

I am also a Healing Events Producer of 5 Meetup Communities For Energy Healers & Spiritual Seekers in NYC & facilitate healing events, ceremonies, workshops, spiritual retreats, and classes with Shamans, Crystal Skull Keepers, Native American Medicine Men, Ascension Teachers, Breath Work Practitioners, & Spiritual Authors & Musicians.

I work with families who have children on the autistic spectrum by offering an integrative approach of holistic healing tools & techniques. My young adult son is on the spectrum & I desire to give back to other families what I have learned & applied on my own healing journey.

The Bars works great on children & adults. My son loves when I run his bars & joyfully giggles for the first half hour of the session before simply letting go & falling into that still point of deep peace & relaxation. It's been amazing to witness major energetic shifts & rapid transformation from just one session!

I am looking forward to running your bars & raising & helping you change your entire reality, raise your vibration, & manifest your dreams, visions, & desires in the blink of an eye!

What Else Is Possible?

In Ease & Oneness!

Meryl Vandana Brinin

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