Name: Tammy Pocock
Phone: 780-208-3760
Address: 4927 51 Ave
Vegreville/Two Hills
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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tammy Pocock, I expanded my agenda by becoming an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator in November, 2011 and am joyfully continuing the expansion of agenda, my awareness and knowing in my target to becoming a Certified Facilitator.

My journey to the discovery of Access Consciousness™is living proof that anyone is capable of claiming and stepping into their phenomenal life. If I can do it, so can YOU!!!

In 2004 I was happily going about my career as a Social Worker, when I experienced a debilitating back injury which rendered me with no sensation from the waist down and in excruciating pain. This was not a happenstance I was willing to accept, so in addition to regular medical treatment, I sought out treatment in the world of Holistic Medicine. Over the next 18 months, I experimented with several different modalities and eventually discovered the perfect combination that returned me to optimal health! During the “recovery” stage of my experience, my Neurologist asked if I would be returning to my career and of course I responded “Yes!” ~ He responded with the following: “In my opinion, you were suffering the physical manifestation of extreme psychological stress; I believe that if you return to you position, you will be back here in 6 months or less and, I cannot guarantee the same recovery results!” As massage was one of the modalities that I attributed to my recovery, I made the decision to pursue a new career as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist.

In April 2005 I opened Nahowin Bodyworks, providing services in both Vegreville and Two Hills. My client base has been and continues to be an extreme Gift and Contribution to my Life and my Living. Daily, I am provided with the privilege of partnering with The Most Amazing Group of individuals on their quest for optimal health. I am one of the LUCKY who can sincerely say I LOVE MY JOB and find it both an honor and privilege to be able to collaborate with individuals to facilitate with them in creating the MAGIC of healing in their lives.

After 5 years of practice, I too had experienced individuals suffering from “the physical manifestation of psychological stress” and was frustrated with the limiting benefits individuals were able to receive from massage treatments. Although individuals were able to receive temporary relaxation and improvement of their muscular function, the signs and symptoms would return soon after treatment. Massage was not addressing the underlying cause of their pain and discomfort. Through my own personal experience, I knew that there where modalities that could facilitate these individuals to permanently overcome their ailments. Thus, I dedicated 2010 to learning and incorporating a multitude of additional modalities to my practice. These modalities offer may different ways to deal with physical dysfunction as well as mental/emotional stress/dis-ease. The process of learning these modalities was very cathartic for me, allowing me to grow and expand in ALL areas of my life.

Then, in June 2012, I discovered Access Consciousness™ which quickly resonated as The Source for the Ultimate Change I was seeking! From my very first exposure to the modality on a World Puja Network internet show with Rikka Zimmerman, the song “Feels Like Home” plays in the background of my mind. Access Consciousness™ has since become an integral part of my Everyday Life. Whether I am listening to an Access Consciousness™ mp3, reading an Access Consciousness™ book or working with the Access Consciousness™ tools, I am in a constant state of expansion as I discover more and more of Who I TRULY BE!

Access Consciousness™ has been for me the Source for the Ultimate Change, daily setting me more and more free from the mental/emotional blocks and traumas I have chosen to accumulated over the last 40 years. Thanks once again to my awesome client base, and my desire to explore what is truly possible, my life has Blossomed!!!

What if Your Life Blossoming was Just a Bars Class away??

If it is possible for me, it is definitely possible for YOU!!

I look forward to meeting you and facilitating you in whatever capacity I may on your agenda to Be Phenomenal Living in all aspects of your Life!

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