Name: Sunnie Skillman, CMT
Phone: 415-497-2879
Address: Rohnert Park, Ca,
San Francisco Bay Area
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Hello, there!

I am a facilitator of Access Consciousness, which is a philosophy for living, plus a set of tools to change whatever is not working in your life.

Some of the tools are hands-on energy work, which facilitate healing on all levels. Some tools use verbal processing to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, etc.

I do private sessions and teach classes. One of the hands-on processes is called the Access Bars, which involves holding points on the head. Some of the benefits of an Access Bars session are: stress relief, cleared limiting beliefs, deep sense of peace & relaxation, sense of well-being, mental clarity, improved self-image, and better sleep.

There are over 70 Access body processes, which I do. They work on many things, such as the immune system, PTSD, adrenal glands, vision, energetic face lift, and sexual abuse.

I've created a special program for people who have PTSD symptoms, their families, and practitioners who work with PTSD. I am experiencing remarkable results using the Access tools to clear symptoms of PTSD.

I teach an Intro class to my PTSD Program at the Songbird Community Healing Center in Cotati, CA.

To find out about my Intro class and PTSD Program, go to my website:

Here's what some people have said about my work with them:

- " I have more self confidence; are happier; feel less stress; sleep better; worry about things less"

- " My ongoing fatigue has lessened; I'm approaching the challenges of my life with more organization and focus. People have told me I look better"

- " I have been lifted out of my inertia regarding finances and relationships."

- " My self-discipline has also returned and I am seeing the results of that in my work and how I spend (and enjoy) my free time.

- I am in a functional relationship with a very nice man - something that seemed impossible

I've been using the Access tools for sixteen years. The changes they have facilitated in me are amazing. Here's a little about my past:

I grew up in a dysfunctional, traumatic family environment. And I experienced intense sexual abuse by a husband for five years. My life, prior to Access, was characterized by an undercurrent of depression and hopelessness; feeling like I didn't belong here; feeling disconnected from others; feeling like I didn't really want to be here; and feeling like I didn't have anything to offer to others.

Today that undercurrent is gone. I experience more fun, joy and energy. My mind is usually very quiet. I love my sexuality and enjoy much more connection and intimacy with others. I'm more vulnerable. I have much more allowance of others and of myself. When stuff gets triggered in me, I have many tools from which to draw upon, and shift things very quickly. I feel like I have a lot to offer others.

To find out more, or to schedule a session or class, please write to me through my Contact area, or call me.

I am also available to travel to other areas to teach classes.

What are the infinite possibilities?


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