Name: Connie Walker
Phone: 0439030302
Address: Eltham
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Hello and Thank You! I am so pleased and grateful you have come to my page!!

Have you ever felt like you don't fit in? Ever wondered how it is that other people seem to be just fine with what's what in the world, and with whatever it is that constitutes their lives? Some even seem content.......and others seem to thrive......

And have you tried to emmulate the formulas they use that seem to promise you happiness, health, money, whatever else you are looking for, that will finally make you fit in and get it right? Have you done the courses, done the time, spent the money?

What if it's not You that's not right? What if you just haven't met You, yet?

It's hard to do wihatwith all that headnoise and stuff going on in your body and your life, right? And yet You know, there's something else, something different available, and You just don't know how to get to it?

What if the uniqueness of You is the greatest gift You can give to You, and to the world? Would You be willing to uncover You, to let You out, so that You can have the life and living You would like and the fun and joy that go with that?

Are You ready to stop being the collection of wrongs and not-quite-rights you think you are?

Are You ready to move beyond everything you've ever thought was You and your life, and find the peace of You that you've been missing?

Would You do it if it was easy ?

Would You be willing to have more of You?

Are You ready and willing to BE AND HAVE ALL of YOU?

What are You waiting for?

Call now. 0439030302.
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Thank You! I am so grateful You have read this far....please take a look at the testimonials below too.

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Connie is a fantastic Access Bars class facilitator. I had been doing Access for a couple of weeks, but was starting to over think things. The class with Connie provided some awesome clarity and everything since then has just seemed simple, fun and easy. She reminded me to know that i know and I always have and always will. Thanks Connie!
Luke Oldmeadow

* * * * *

Thank you Connie.
I had a wonderful experience on my first BARS session as I immediately felt a sense of peace and a whole lot lighter. I could literally feel the release of energy! It left me feeling a sense of spaciousness and a whole lot freer to create my week which happened with surprising ease and the absence of the usual struggle.
My car, which had been struggling transitioning between gears & revving on high the last few months, started running smoothly again!
I'm looking forward to having further BARS sessions with you & experiencing the immediate results in my life.
Lucy Dodd
Leadership & Communication Consultant

* * * * *

An experience of total bliss. A space where peace and tranquility prevail.
Karla De La Rue

* * * * *

Recently I received a BODY healing from Connie, using the Access Consciousness technique. I've had many healings over many years, and am a healer myself. Yet, I was impressed not only with Connie's intuitive ability - honing in on problems that I did not tell her about - but also on how this incredible technique actually worked. At one stage, my hip just 'moved' back into place, and similarly my shoulder. Clearly this technique is something special, as is the healer using it!
After the healing I felt improvements in my hip and neck (where my problems were), and felt very relaxed and at peace. I would recommend Connie wholeheartedly!"
Debra Palmer

* * * * *

Two months ago I had a serious fall from my bike which resulted in a lot of painful cuts, bruises and a large haematoma on my left hip. Because I have two hip replacements, I went to my orthopaedic surgeon to be checked out. He confirmed that my hip prosthesis was undamaged but that I would need surgery to drain the haematoma. I duly had the surgery, however two weeks later the haematoma refilled, swelling up to almost the original size. The surgeon drained it again by syringe and warned me that it would probably swell up again. Sure enough it did and I was advised that once these refill several times they never resolve by themselves and the only option was to have an operation to stitch it all up from the inside. I booked a date for the operation. In the meantime I went to Connie for a "BODY" session. Connie felt she could help my condition and treated me for an hour or more. A week or so later I noticed the swelling was going down. I went back to my surgeon, who was quite surprised and agreed that an operation was probably no longer necessary. The swelling has now gone completely and I did not need the surgery. I am glad to have had the benefit of Connie's skills.
Peter De La Rue

* * * * *

Connie delivers a truly unique experience that everyone should try for themselves. I was speechless for days as to how clear my head felt. Definitely recommended. A++
Benn Gaylor
Vocalist and Song Writer

* * * * *
I went to see Connie for a healing treatment based around an Energetic Faclift and as a result of her treatment we released some subconscious belief systems that held some stress in my body. My skin looked radiant after her treatment and I left Connie's place floating home. I hope I didn't miss any red lights whilst driving home!
Gabriella Salmon, Melbourne

* * * * *
My chiropractor had diagnosed a bulging disc in my lower back. It was extremely painful and I was booked in for multiple treatments per week for at least 4 weeks. The day after my session with Connie my chiropractor was completely staggered and surprised to discover the bulging disc was no longer there. The one session with Connie has saved me at least 4 weeks of other treatment and an enormous amount of pain and restriction as well. Thank you!
Seth Martin
Aquarist, Melbourne

* * * * *
Ruby our Miniature Pinscher has been particularly yappy and aggressive towards any visitors approaching our property, even family members and friends who are frequent visitors. No amount of training or shouting or anything else has been able to change that for the past 10 years. After one session with Connie, Ruby has transformed into a calm and friendly little dog, who now gives only a perfunctory growl alerting us to visitors approaching, sometimes barely even moving from her comfy bed, other times coming forward and calmly greeting people. All in all it's now a lovely, calm and welcoming experience for all involved. Quite the miracle!
Greg Martin
Business Director, Melbourne

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