Name: Robin Chellis
Phone: 425.941.0453
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Wow! So many things have changed since I found Access. The tools that Access has given me has profoundly changed my life and it's so exciting and fun to see all the huge changes that have occurred in the last year in every area of my life and in my health.

I am so excited to be a Certified Bars facilitator and an Access Body Process Faciltator. I love teaching Bars class and seeing the changes that occur when people choose it! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the access classes that I have taken and I would love to share those tools with you and help you find yourself, the being you truly are. Which in case you didn't know it - is a beautiful wonderful being!

Would you like to take a bars class with me or have a private session of bars, bodywork and facilitation? I enjoy running other's bars and running body process' on them and seeing the change and ease that occurs after. How could you become more of you again? Are you willing to ask for a change in you to become the being that you truly be? Would you like to feel like you have more freedom and space in your head and less judgement of everything, including yourself? Those are a few of the great things running the bars can do for you! Call me if that sounds like something you would like to experience. I look forward to hearing from you!

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