Name: Nicole Powers
Phone: 651 253 7550
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You're a dreamer, right?
You know that something greater is possible, right?
You're the one to question all those rules, right?

Me, too!

What if being a dreamer opens you to infinite possibilities?
What if being outside the box allows you to truly be?
What if you do belong here?
And what if you're here to have fun?

What if we could be a contribution to each other and the world?

What if this is what you've been looking for?

If you would like more ease in your life, more joy, more freedom to choose and be,
more vitality, more fun, be at ease with your body, better relationships,
and to choose for you, then you have come to the right place!

Having your bars run will open you to allow choices and possibilities to come into your life
that you never imagined possible. It will allow you to change easily and effortlessly
where necessary, stop judging yourself and others and help you to discover
the truth of who you really be.

Itís a wonderful way to receive and choose for you.

Are you ready to choose for you and have more of you? Is now your time?

Letís see how much fun we can have together!

So, here are some choices for you:
bars, body processes (energetic facelifts!),
private sessions and group classes, too!

And, yes, you can have "all of the above!"

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Barsģ Gifting & Receiving 28/Mar/2017 Woodbury, Minnesota Nicole Powers