Name: Bret Rushia
Phone: 631-456-2450
Address: 1400 McKinney St Unit 1412
United States
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How did we get so lucky to be right here, right now?!?!

Hi! My name is Bret, and I am so joyed to be able to say that I am an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator!

What would it take for me to facilitate a Bars class in your town?!

I basically came into Access as a major sceptic. My mentor in energy work sent me a link to a free telecall with Dr. Dain Heer, one of the founders of Access. Even though Id only been into energy work and energy clearing for 10 months, I felt like I had tried everything, and maybe Id feel great for a couple of hours after a session, but soon after Id feel like crap and want to sulk in bed and kill myself again.

So I clicked on the link thinking what does this idiot doctor guy have to offer? Its probably the same old metaphysical crap with slightly different wording. I put on my finest scowl and tried to resist as hard as I could, but within a couple of minutes I found myself actually starting to like this guy. He was saying stuff I had never heard before about how to actually BE in the world and BE myself. Then he started doing the energy clearings, and WOAH after a couple of minutes I found myself flopping on my bed with each clearing he did! I had never felt so much energy in my life!

After that call I devoured everything I could about Access Consciousness and through using the tools, my life started transforming, and transforming FAST! I was no longer getting depressed, and I started showing up as ME! I began using the tools with my clients and THEY started transforming quickly too! Miracle after Miracle after Miracle started occuring, and hasnt stopped since! Change truly is possible, my friend.

Ive been actually BEING the change in the world I know I came here to be, and all Ive had to do is BE ME!
What if it truly was that easy? And what if getting there was even easier than anybody ever thought was possible?

What can I do and be to facilitate YOU in being the beautifully magnificent YOU you truly BE?

I am available for private Bars sessions, and Energy Transformation sessions in person or over the phone/Skype!

I am also available to facilitate wonderfully potent Bars classes as well as "A Taste of Access" Intro classes where we unlock the energies of anything that is blocking you from having your phenomenal life!

How does it get any better than that?

Check out the "Upcoming Classes" tab to see where I'm gonna be next, and if that is nowhere near you lets set something up!

What else is possible?

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