Name: Pepa Demasson
Phone: (*61) 0417651614
Address: 6 Lotus Way, 251 Bridge Creek Road
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Access Consciousness has changed my life - I now have more awareness, joy and freedom to be truly me. I am constantly reminded of the potency and potential of each individual to truly BE.

After attending my first Bars class in mid August 2011 with husband Satya and friend Andrew, we made a commitment to run each others Bars, everyday, for 30 days - we wanted to feel and see the difference this would make - WOW - 3 months later we were still running our Bars daily -it is a life changing experience that is beyond words. Now as an Access Certified Facilitator CFMW, an Access Bars Facilitator and an Access Body Process Facilitator I am starting my own journey of sharing these profound techniques. Will you choose it too?

How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 23/Apr/2017 Maleny, QLD Pepa Demasson
Access Bars 18/May/2017 Maleny, QLD Pepa Demasson