Name: Sasha Pharlibay
Phone: 0479 090 008
Address: Innaloo
Western Australia
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I first heard about Access from a friend in 2008 while I was training to be a life coach - it really didn't fit my paradigm at the time so I dismissed it. My training was all about getting in touch with past hurts, expressing buried emotions, becoming more accountable and generally pushing myself (and others) harder to get results in life. Deep down I knew it didn't really feel right for me. However I had decided it was right and had paid handsomely for it so I kept berrating myself with it all for a couple more years - it seemed to work for other people!?

After reaching yet another low point in my life that friend mentioned Access again in passing. I couldn't believe they were still talking about the same thing after 2 years (completely out of character for them). Thank goodness curiousity got the better of me and I finally went and had my Bars run!

It only took one session for me know Bars was going to be an important part of my life - it was just so blissful, clarifying and best of all easy!!

So... what else is possible for you, your body and your life?

Is now the time for you?

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