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For 30 years I've experienced a skin condition that has been unmanageable and intolerable. 90 mins with Jo-Anne Moore and not only do I have a new appreciation of what is happening but a new set of tools to stop it from happening.

Jo-Anne Moore would have to be the most talented and switched on person I know (apart from me).

Undying gratitude Jo. Cheryl Reid

4 February, 2013

Miss Jo-Anne Moore you are an amazing lady, as i I told you the other day I am grateful to the events that lead me to your doorstep, you have had the single greatest impact on my life to date , you continue to prompt me to step beyond my comfort zone and to find my potency for this I will be eternally grateful . For any new likers please gift yourself and book into see this amazing lady

25 February, 2013

Hi Jo, I just wanted to send out a massive thanks to you for all the wonderful sessions I've had with you in the past year and a bit... they have, by far, been the best investment I could ever have made to myself and my family (and what else is possible?! ). I have dropped so many limitations and am doing more then I could ever have imagined I was capable of doing- this is something I could never have done so quickly without the Access tools you've taught me and the wonderful bars sessions where we've broken down those old belief systems one by one. Access isn't just about personal growth, it helps in all areas of your life, I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark on when I went to my first session with you. Looking forward to my next session with you in a few weeks time- You're awesome! (and I am too, as I've found out!).
Love Celine.

24 February, 2013


Dear Jo
Thank you so much, I know at times I have lost faith and thought there was no hope, but I say thank you every day for being given this second chance with my children. I am actually feeling quite happy, which is quite an alien thought as I cannot remember when the last time I was happy!
We owe you so much, thank you for looking after all of us and guiding us.


Winsome C

12 November


Hi Jo
You are wonderful, Natalie felt very comfortable with you and I feel she
now has hope for the future. Thank you. weip

Elizabeth D

29 October


Thanks Jo :)
I feel great sang all the way home lol
You are awesome :-) xx

Melissa C

17 October


When my 12-month-old daughter was showing no signs of starting to pull herself up to stand, and seemed unable or unwilling to bear any weight on her legs, I went down the “traditional” route of referral to a physiotherapist and occupational therapist. My daughter, Miss R, had never crawled on her hands and knees but had been “bum-shuffling” to get around since the age of about 8 months. As other babies the same age from our mothers group started pulling themselves up to cruise furniture and some even started walking, she continued to tuck her legs up under her bottom every time we tried to put her in a standing position. In all other aspects of her development she seemed perfectly normal but it was like her legs just didn’t work. We were starting to worry but almost afraid to admit there could be anything wrong. Eventually a child health nurse said we should get her checked out and referred us to a physiotherapist.
Her initial physio consultation went badly and subsequent appointments were worse. She did not want the physiotherapist touching her or trying to get her to “do” things. It got to the point where she would take one look at the physio and start screaming.
I knew we weren’t making progress, I knew that the whole experience was traumatising Miss R and when the physio suggested we send Miss R to an occupational therapist and a pediatrician for further assessment I decided there had to be a better way than putting her through all of that.
I was aware of Jo-Anne Moore’s services and I contacted her to see if she worked with children. She said yes – hooray! We booked an appointment and Jo made me feel at ease from the minute we walked through the door. She looked at Miss R – who also studied her intently – and we went on to do some energy clearing work, both with Miss R and myself. The process involved just sitting and talking, nothing invasive and not in a clinical environment and Jo didn’t need to lay a finger on Miss R, which after all the physio dramas my little girl liked just fine! Jo found that Miss R was carrying some past-life issues about legs. This explained a lot about the way Miss R moved and how she basically refused to use her legs at all – it was almost as though she didn’t know she had them! During the session we also talked about ways to help Miss R “discover” her knees and legs and games we could play to encourage movement that would be fun but not upsetting.
The change in Miss R after our appointment was almost immediate, in fact that same afternoon she started getting on to her knees, something she never did previously.
A couple of weeks later she is on her hands and knees looking like she wants to crawl the old-fashioned way; she gets on to her knees constantly to reach for toys or peer up at us when we’re on the couch. She’s making attempts to pull to standing and happily rolls on the floor from sitting, to laying on her back or tummy, back up to sitting again – this from a girl who used to scream when laid on her tummy. She can now also stand for a short period of time when she has something to lean on, like a table.
The change has been nothing short of amazing and it has been such a relief, as a parent. I now know Miss R will get there in her own time and I can just relax and enjoy my cheeky little girl, rather than having a constant worry at the back of my mind that she is not at the same level as other children of her age. For anyone who is skeptical of non-traditional sorts of therapies I would say the results speak for themselves. I wonder how long we would have gone on with those awful, upsetting medical appointments if we had not gone to see Jo, as I feel that no matter how many physio sessions we had, we would not have made progress. I am so glad we tried something different; what a change it has made in all our lives – our little girl is happy and making progress and we are no longer concerned about her development.

Amanda C

26 September


Sarah Kate posted to Jo-Anne Moore

19 August

Jo your a really lovely lady, I loved when I saw you when you came to Hobart. I learned a lot about myself and the spirit life. Thankyou ♥ xx


21 August

Thanks Jo, just love u, ur potency & guidance. Look 4ward 2 our next session. What if u are the individual u r meant to be?
Cheers Tina


* From Naomi Grice

Jo-Anne Moore - Agent for change of magnitude! .....a wonderful friend and one of the most caring people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing : )

April 20, 2012

* From Mel Ingley

I'm so glad I had enough awareness and intelligence to follow the energy to Harvey bay and find you Jo, so grateful for everything you have done for me, you are truly a special being.. Xxxx

April 20, 2012


* From: Celine Louie
What else is possible.... wow! thank you jo.... so many questions going through my head i don't even remember driving home....... You're amazeballs! xxx
April 18, 2012
*From: Jacquelline Murray
Received awesome energy work and bars from Jo-Anne Moore - thank you so much the clarity and possibilities that were created - wow. What else is possible? xx
April 17, 2012

* From: Jenny Robinson
Thankyou Jo-Anne Moore for the clarity HIGBTT
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* From: Chrissy
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 9:52 AM
To: 'Jo-Anne Moore'
Subject: RE: Hello!

I gotta tell ya Jo, your last treatment was such a major transformational healing!!! It was such a quickening to get me from where I was into a better space.
Yay Yay to be able to have another one next week!


* From: Kylie
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2011 5:26 PM
To: Jo-Anne Moore
Subject: Re: Hello Lovely
Hello Jo,

My son says he feels more chillaxed so hopefully things will be better ,we have had a couple of really bad days this week , thank you for letting me sit in I don’t think I actually realized until today just how much impact I have on his life. I will never be able to thankyou enough for what you have done for me and my family.

I will be forever grateful to you.



* From: Angie Daniel
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 11:37 PM
To: Jo-Anne Moore
Subject: I just wanted to say hi & thanks

Hi Jo,

I just wanted to say thanks soooooooooooooo much for the transformation in my life.
I'm going really well in so many ways.
The transformation is amazing.
I pretty much don't sleep of an afternoon any more yet I'm still up until about midnight most nights but now I'm even waking up around 9 instead of 10 - 11am. & when I wake up of a morning I feel so normal & able to function without feeling like I've got 100kg of invisible weight pinning me down to the bed & my head doesn't hurt much at all any more.
It's really hard to put into words what state I was in (& for many years on & off) to how I am now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
I must email Tina & thank her for guiding me to you.
Thanks again Jo
I often send you spiritual hugs
Stay beautiful


* From: Chrissy
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 11:07 AM
To: Jo Moore
Subject: Hello!
Hi Jo! 
How are you beautiful! Thought I’d just drop a line to let you know how I am feeling…….and I am feeling ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Your healings have been incredible and I am feeling ever so much more “Lighter”
It has been SO amazing that as soon as we got home……the energy shifted with Stuey as well. He suddenly found his mojo and motivation again and has been doing the washing, cooking dinners, getting stuck into the yard, offering to do stuff for me etc etc!!!! I am also feeling so much better about myself too…….first time in a LONG time! I maxed out the credit cards and I have started the journey with buying a new wardrobe for the new Chrissy……..and “see ya later” to the old wardrobe. It has been so invigorating! What a feeling of “Release and Renew”.
I start work at BreastScreen (where I worked before) on Monday. I went in yesterday to do the paperwork and it felt “LIGHT” for a good start for me. My boss is happy to ride the “In the Now” train with me and is very supportive of me making decisions to choose any other job in the future, even if it means I might do it to them in a couple of weeks!  I feel I have the reins back on my life and the feeling of independency and freedom and making my own choices has been liberating!
So, THANKYOU SO MUCH JO!!! I am ever so grateful for your healing, support and unconditional love 
Lots of Love and Hugs and have a wonderful day with EASE, JOY AND GLORY! 
Love Chrissa


Message From JO -

I knew from a young age that all I ever wanted to be in life was happy and understand why we are here. At the age of eleven I started going to church without my parents because I was seeking something better and a different perspective on life as I knew it.

For over 30 years I tried every religion, modality and new age idea becoming a multi-talented Spiritual Therapist, Reiki Master and Teacher. I came to realize that nothing created lasting change or results until in 2008 when I attend a Access Consciousness Bars Workshop, and discovered the quickest and most powerful modality enabling lasting results. Since then my life has become easier, I am actually ‘Happy’, my money flows have expanded and most of all I have found ME.

I have worldwide clients and students who have noticed amazing changes in their lives, in becoming self-empowered and happy. Any area of life that is not working or requires direction can be changed and more ease and joy can show up. I can also facilitate greater ease in relationships, stress, money flows, physical ailments, dealing with grief and finding ‘YOU’.

I Offer - Personal, group and phone consultations, intro talks, Bars Classes and Bars swaps.

WEIP? (What else is possible?)

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