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Jamie Verrillo

Access Consciousness was just what I needed. When I first heard about Access Consciousness I was amazed how simple, light and easy I could clear issues in my life and help other people do the's magical. I love the tools and techniques and I have easily incorporated them into my life and now I am so excited to share Access Consciousness with the rest of the world.

As a young boy I was super sensitive to everyone's thoughts and feeling, the unfortunate result of that is I thought all of that shit was mine which made me feel so heavy and small that I just wanted to hide from the world .When I started working with horses in my late teens there was a knowingness (didn't have that language back then ) that was activated of how to be with them.

I spent 20yrs years in the horse racing industry and walked away from it feeling very empty.
On top of dealing with a gambling addiction I found myself becoming very depressed.It wasn't until I started having my Bars run and using the tools of Access that I started to see that there was nothing wrong with me and the capacity I have to be with animals came with greater ease.

So when I started to work with the tools of Access and started having my Bars run on a regular basis that knowingness and empowerment that I felt with horses showed up again, and I wanted more ,so I chose to become a Bars Facilitator which continued to open up more doors and pathways of awareness that now allow 's me to facilitate for animals and people with such ease.

Access Consciousness has allowed me to use my capacity that I have with animals to facilitate energy now in such an exspansive space of awareness that I knew was possible but I wasn't sure how to access it.

Now that I have these practical tools and processes of Access life seems so much easier.

What if you could remove your limitations, unlock your potential and live your life in every moment without judgment of you or anyone else…having the ability to receive everything, reject nothing and create everything you desire in life? How does it get any better then that? What else is possible that you haven't yet considered ?

What do you know that your pretending not to know ?

Wanna find out ?

Testimonial from Jamie's client's:

"I went to one of Jamie’s introductory classes and realized immediately that I wanted to explore BARS with Jamie as my practitioner. It’s been more life changing than I ever suspected! Each week I am amazed at what transpires, with each session unique and transformative. Jamie’s energy, awarenesses and contributions are so insightful and truly powerful. Thank you, Jamie, for helping me change my life for the better!" -Maureen

"I have been working with Jamie for over two years and am continuously amazed and delighted to experience the expansion and lightness that comes from our sessions. If I miss my weekly session, for any reason, I am keenly aware of a difference in me and my energy. By getting regular sessions with Jamie, I enjoy greater space in my life, allowance for myself, and possibilities. HDIGABTT?!" -Rebecca

It's hard to describe in words what a Bars session with Jamie is like. What I can say is that he intuitively picked up on all sorts of obstacles and limits that have been holding me back in my love life and in my career. As a result of what he was able to shift energetically, after two sessions with him I have been able to step into much greater confidence, assertiveness and power, which is showing major positive improvements in my performance at work, my creative side projects, and in my love life. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to receive Bars clearings by Jamie and highly recommend his work to anyone feeling stuck or limited in some area of their lives. His work "clears" the blocks and limitations we carry and enable us to step more fully who we "truly" are and to lead a fuller, happier life. His work is a true gift. If you are in the Capitol District, RUN don't walk and get an appointment with him! - Jessica, 30, San Francisco

I would love to talk with you to see what greater possibilities are available.

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Jamie Verrillo

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