Name: Vondette Brinson
Phone: (954) 226-3612
Fort Lauderdale
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I'm so glad you found my page.

I discovered Access through a friend who was teaching Access The BARS. I wanted to know what this was and was unable to take the class she had scheduled due to a prior commitment. I really wanted this training so asked myself what can I do to make this happen. Well, it worked out wonderfully. She had to reschedule the appointed class, and had someone from out of town who wanted to train before they left, so when I got the call, I left town that night so I could be in the class the next day. How does it get any better than that?

I have spent many years working with people who have chronic pain and head injuries. I have found this tool works wonderfully and equally well with both groups. Being one of the head injured myself, this tool has opened me up to possibilities I believed where beyond me. I incorporate it in the programs that I set up for each of my clients and always ask what else is possible?

I will be offering BARS classes on a monthly basis, the 3rd Sunday each month. Please feel free to contact me for more information. RSVP required to receive info to enter building

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