Name: Amanda Holland
Phone: 0424193659
Address: Sheldon, QLD Hawthorn, VIC
BRISBANE and Beyond!
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When I first received a Bars session, I really had no idea what was going on except for I was so relaxed that my body felt like it was melting into the floor. All the tightness, all the pressure and solidity just dissipated out of my limbs and body and I couldn't tell where my toes ended and the air began!

As for how the Bars began to change my life... it still does. I am so grateful for a process that is so nurturing and so easy and so quickly able to turn a bad day around! If I am really cranky, or stuck, or tired (oh yeah, I hardly ever get tired anymore!), if I get my Bars run, I will get off the table with a greater sense of space and ease.

After my first Bars class, I literally had no thought in my head. This had never happened before, and I panicked 'oh my god what's wrong with me? I have no thoughts!'. Once I got over my initial shock, I realised that this space and peace and quiet was a gift. I could begin to create my life with 'who am I today?' and not feel a slave to my thoughts, my past, or other people's points of view. The more I have my Bars run, the more and more I am unplugging from the matrix of thoughts, worries and anxieties and creating more and more of my life from joy and ease.

How does it get any better?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 2/Apr/2017 Sheldon, QLD Amanda Holland  & 
Andrea Holland