Name: Donna McKay
Phone: +61 411-067-744
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Hello Every Body & Welcome

I could start by telling you about myself, however, that would just be a story of who I think I am, which has nothing to do with who I really am. Itís just a story. If youíd like to know more about me, just ask, and Iíll be happy to reveal that on-going adventure.

What Iím really interested in is you! Yes, you. What would you like to change that youíve never been willing to ask for? What if thereís something about you that youíve always wanted to explore, but never known how?

Access Consciousness is a set of tools and techniques, both verbal and hands on, that are a pragmatic way of unlocking all the limitations that keep you from knowing who you truly be. Access is about empowering you to know what you know.

By using these simple tools and techniques, you can begin to change any area of your life that currently is not working for you. And what if everything is just fine in your life, and you'd just like to add more? What if you'd just liked to have more fun, more adventures, more money, more, more, more ... it's really okay to have that too! A great question to ask is - What else can I add to my life? What choices do I have that I'm not even aware of? What else is really possible that I haven't even considered?

It all starts with choice, question, possibility and contribution. These four elements will open doors for you to an awareness of what really is possible for your life, your living and your body.

What else is possible? Have you always known there was something more? Would you like to access the greatness of you? If any of this resonates with you, please donít hesitate to contact me. I would love to contribute to you and facilitate you to greater possibilities.

Iím so grateful for all you who are choosing to read this. Iím so very grateful to Gary M Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness and his business partner, Dr Dain Heer, for showing me a different possibility.

What would it take for you to choose greater possibilities? Is now the time?

I'm available for private sessions and classes coming soon.

With so much gratitude for you.
I look forward to meeting with you soon

PS: It would be remiss of me not to mention the fabulous Access Consciousness Body Processes. These hands on processes are an essential element for change and ease with your beautiful body. They are very simple and easy to use. I can highly recommend them. As a Body Process Facilitator, I also offer classes and private sessions. I do recommend you begin with the Bars. This will enable you and your body to begin receiving. There are currently about 50 different body processes that can be learned by anyone - and they are all so amazing and there are so many testimonials from people from all walks of life, from all over the world who have experienced these amazing hands on processes. They really can be life changing. Again, please go with your knowing. If this "feels light" to you, and you would like to know more, let me know. Many, many thanks.


I have had the privilege of knowing Donna McKay for several years. She has facilitated me many times to more clarity and ease with choices that I have or haven't made and has facilitated with so much ease with my body. She has a capacity with bodies that not many people are willing to have. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator. Moira Bramley

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