Name: Dot Koppes
Phone: 918-955-7317
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Thank You! I am grateful that you are looking at my website and I am thrilled to be an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Certified Talk To The Entities Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator..

What if you are the only one who can stop you in life? What if the only one who can set you free is you? Are you ready to discover your own power and potency, to acknowledge your gifts, talents and the unique contribution you are to the world? Want to live more consciously and have greater choice?

Would you like to have a Bars, Foundation and Level One in your city? Body processes? Talk To The Entities Intro evenings or Beginning Class?

Contact me about hosting an event. You receive the class for free, plus 10% of the proceeds. I contribute to you my expertise on marketing and magic to allow the event to fill with ease! Let’s play!

Who is Dot? How did she get here?:

I found Access Consciousness in my weekly email from They were recommending the book “Money Is Not The Problem, You Are”. The title jumped off the page at me. At that point in time I was sleeping in my car, changing clothes in my storage unit and eating on $10-$12 per week. I’m so grateful that I invested in that book.

The description of humanoids was a welcome revelation and I felt I may have found someone that understood who I was. The tools I found and used in that book worked quickly and in an amazing fashion. .I found new sources of revenue fairly quickly. I started with eating regularly, then started paying debts, and found an opportunity for a new job. Within 7 months I was buying my own home and actually had health insurance. How does it get any better than that?

Would you be willing to start where you are and just see what you can create?

During those first 2 months I invested in the “Clearing the Issues of Abuse” CD. At first I was frustrated because I would fall asleep within minutes of the beginning of the recording and wake up about 70 minutes later. After listening 15 times to transcribe the CD I discovered for the first time I felt like I had freedom & choice in my life.

16 months after finding the book a co-worker came into my office excited because Southwest Airlines was having a sale, 500 miles for $50. My instantaneous thought was I could actually go to an Access class. This was in 2009 before there were radio shows, google hangouts, webinars and free recordings on the Access website. Most of the classes were either on the west coast or Australia at that time.

I found a Bars Class in Houston, TX and I went to my first Facilitators class in March of 2012. Yowser! What else is possible?

Would you be willing to consider some new and different interesting points of view?

I’ve always been one of those seekers, checking out any new, amazing program that crossed my path all while keeping my feet firmly entrenched in the “real” world as an accountant and then a Realtor. Access tools have given me the wings to fly. Would you enjoy flying with us?

All of Life Comes to Us With Ease and Joy and Glory!

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 15/Apr/2017 Tulsa, Oklahoma Dot Koppes