Name: Jackie Bernhardt
Phone: 970-779-4363
Address: 1002 West Drake Rd #102
Ft. Collins
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In September 2010 I happened upon a seminar and decided to attend. I didn't even know what it was about. I was seeking something to add to the many modalities that I had studied. It seemed as though, with as many different modalities as I had studied, there was still something missing. The seminar just so happened to be an Intro to Access Consciousness. It was an invitation to greater possibilities and a completely different point of view for my life. It wasn’t about fixing me or telling me what was wrong.

I attended a Bars class a month later and my life started shifting. I found that the Access tools were easy to use and quick. My stress disappeared, my relationships healed and my financial situation changed exponentially. A few months later I attended Foundation and Level 1. It seemed to be the missing pieces that I had been seeking. What seemed to make it so potent was that there were no answers, only questions, and the invitation to choose for me. For the first time my life was fun!

I have so much gratitude for Gary and Dain and all of the facilitators that showed up to make this possible. What if there is more possible for you? What if you can have your phenomenal life? What would it take for you to generate and create the life you truly desire?

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