Name: Moira Bramley
Phone: 0034 674127764
Address: Alhaurin el Grande
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I grew up in extreme poverty. By my late teens I began to have a lot of money and in my late twenties I became a multi-millionaire. Money has been plentiful ever since. I don’t believe in working hard for money. I do know that the more I BE, the easier money comes to me.

I trained as a psychotherapist because I was always seeking to solve problems. I was always seeking more and when I found the tools of Access Consciousness and realised that creating a wealth of possibilities is not about fixing problems, my entire reality changed.

You might think you need to solve your money problems… and you can. AND, it might be more effective to become the person that money loves coming to!

I changed my money situation by making a demand that I would have money and that I would BE the energy that wealthy people are.

Your biggest ‘problem’ might be money, or relationships, or being abused, or your family, your body, or your work… and the only thing between you and a phenomenal life is the thoughts, feelings and emotions you invoke as if they are your awareness. Your awareness is what creates a life of ease. If you have total awareness, you can’t have a problem!

What if becoming more conscious of what is really running your life is the way to a life of ease, joy and glory?


If you are asking for something greater than what you have, if you are seeking to be all that you are (instead of a lifeless carbon copy), if you are ready to embrace change with ease, take the first step and book a private session with me.

I work with people from all walks of life from all over the world. My gift is in showing you where you can be more ‘YOU’ and how that can change your life, your money flows, your relationships - anything you’d love to change!

To book a private session, please email me!

If you would like to explore more of my work, my telecalls and my upcoming book, visit me at


Moira has the awareness, tools and techniques to facilitate you in a dynamic, non-judgemental way that empowers you to know what you know. She has a kindness, caring and generosity of spirit that is a rarity in today’s world. Her capacity to facilitate the body to heal, change and transform, using the Access Body Process techniques is amazing. I highly recommend Moira as a Facilitator. With much gratitude – Donna McKay, Qld, Australia

Moira has shown me what true generosity is...she desires for me (and anyone who chooses it) to be all I desire. She facilitates me to be aware of any if's and but's I put in my way. She has a phenomenal capacity of perceiving limitations and has an outlook on life that I have not come across of the expansiveness of possibilities.
Viv Adcock, Australia

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