Name: Rian Dean
Phone: 440-941-7828
Address: 15522 Madison Ave
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Access Consciousness® has opened a new world for me! As an Access Consciousness Bars® facilitator I would be thrilled to assist you in changing your world as well! Access Consciousness gives you the ability to become aware of what is, in the absence of a judgment about it. When your Bars® are run you find yourself in a space of openness and acceptance of the circumstances around you. Stress, anxiety, and the need for everything to be 'just so', simply goes away.

How much Ease and Joy and Glory® would you like in your life?

In addition to being a Bars® facilitator, Rian holds an advanced certification for Integrated Energy Therapy®, offers Viking Rune Life Path® readings as a Spiritual coaching tool, and is the developer and founder of Empathic Empowerment Training®.

Are you ready to change your life?

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I look forward to meeting you on your Journey!

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