Name: Megan Ryan
Phone: 0416 380 475
Carrum Downs
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What if you could have everything you could possibly want in life? What if life was meant to be fun and easy? What if you didn’t need to struggle with your health, money, relationships or work? What else could be possible if you made different choices? What if you had all the power to create and control your experiences?

These are all questions that I was asking myself when I was introduced to Access Consciousness® and from that point forward, my life began to dramatically change in amazing ways.

I have been aware of energy since I was very young and consciously working with it for the past 17 years. I have studied and taught many modalities from Reiki, Theta Healing through to working with the Law of Attraction and life coaching facilitation. These were all amazing tools and served their purposes in the various stages of my life but I always felt something was missing… until Access Consciousness® came along.

Since I have been getting my Bars run and actively using all of the Access Consciousness® tools, I have uncreated a chronic physical condition called Angioedema Urticaria, lowered my stress levels considerably, gained a greater sense of happiness and met some totally awesome people, many of who are now my friends. The greatest gift I have received was the reconnection with myself which was something I struggled with for years. Seriously, how does it get any better than that?

Located in the lovely of Carrum Downs, in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I am available for Access Bars® classes and private sessions.

I now invite you to open yourself to an unlimited amount of possibilities for amazing changes to happen for you.

As we like to ask in Access Consciousness... What else is possible?

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