Name: Onkar Sachdeva
Phone: 0433070177
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I am a vibrant and happy female who is professionally working with children since over 8 years in Australia. Perceiving the need for Change and embracing it, I discovered my role in this life as an Empowerment Coach.

It all started with me, when about 12 years ago, I had to pick myself up from perceived ‘end of life’, then drag, and lead ‘me’ to infinite potentials that existe within the entire Universe and myself. 

If I can do it, so can you!

Besides inspiring and motivating people though my talks, I apply a blend of various holistic techniques like Theta Healing®, Meditation, Vibrational Mineral Therapy (The Liquid Crystals™), Laughter Yoga, Quantum Healing, Elemental Healing and now, Access Bars® to work with people and help them bring about the required change(s) so they can move forward in life with ease, joy and gratitude! 

“I empower people to take charge and create a better life with ease, grace and gratitude!”

A few years ago, I tapped into my spiritual self where I strongly felt that what I was doing was not enough; there was a lot more to it than what met the eye. I started going for Psychic development classes, where I learnt how to develop myself spiritually. Through such studies, and posts on various spiritual pages and groups on Facebook, I was encouraged and motivated let go of my strong notions to do what I believed was the right thing to do. I discovered how my brain was wired by my upbringing, surroundings, society, etc. in my childhood and that I no longer needed to be attached to those limiting beliefs anymore. My quest lead me to new and more useful knowledge, the knowledge that I could create my own life just the way I want it to be.

With all this knowledge applied, my life took a 360-degree turn in less than a year, and I witnessed huge positive differences in my life in just a couple of days. I also was introduced to a number of energetic modalities and was strongly drawn towards practicing some of them.

I am a strong advocate of complementary and alternative medicine and therapies, love cooking, photography, meditating, connecting with people and being around children and nature.

I have a strong affiliation for children and see them as whole and bursting with curiosity only waiting to be seen and heard. Thus, my vision is to support them in anchoring their extended consciousness on the Earthly plane through various healing modalities and by communicating to them through my writings. Empowering myself and others is core to me.

I have learnt that we all do our best according to the best of our knowledge and perception and if we still fail we just need to learn from it, get up and move forward with this excellent tool that we receive - the Lesson! 

Everyone fails somewhere or the other, and it is not our job to judge them, as we don’t know what they have or are going through. And by the way, what is failure?..... Again, it is what we perceive it to be. So love and forgive yourself and others and live harmoniously in love, peace and joy.

My experience with Access Consciousness®

I heard about Access and the weird, wacky statement about 5 years ago on Healing with the Masters’ telecalls when Dr Dain Heer (Co-founder of Access Consciousness®) was once invited.

I took some notes on my phone and used a couple of simple tools that Dain mentioned, but only for a couple of days. Don’t know what I was thinking then and somehow lost track of it completely.

Over a year ago I went to India and came to know that my best friend from school had learnt the Bars and was using the tools. Then another friend from India said that he’s trying this new thing called ‘Bars’ and another friend said that she’s doing Bars too! So somehow I sensed that it’s time to get into it and learn it. So I did my first class; loved it and said to myself, “That’s all Onkar! You’re not going any further…. Don’t fall into any more modalities. You’ve already spent soooo much money and energy in learning several modalities by now.”

Enjoyed doing the swaps and realised how amazingly helpful it can be to not just adults, but children too. That’s when someone inside me said, “You need to do the other two classes too so you can teach this to others!” Guess what?... I did the other two classes plus the Foundation Class and the Choice of Possibilities that created dynamic shifts within me. It was unfathomable then to imagine how powerfully it can influence my career, business, money, relationship, everything! It was all waiting for me to choose! Choose Me, Choose Ease, Choose Joy!!!

My friends and clients have totally loved their Bars® sessions with me, and some are even using the tools that I introduce them to. They are so simple and life-changing!

What if you could just lie down on the massage table for about an hour and change your life?

What if you could just put out simple questions to the universe and change your life?

What will it take for you to have a taste of this amazing technique that could bring dynamic and life changing shifts in your life?

What will it take for you to choose you?

When is now a better time to book in a session and experience the Bliss?

In Peace, Joy and Gratitude,


Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 9/Apr/2017 Geelong East, VIC Onkar Sachdeva