Name: Dr. Cindy Fellay
Phone: 0467 032 348
Address: Coolum Beach
Sunshine Coast
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My name is Cindy and I am an Access ConsciousnessŪ Bars Facilitator.

What I do during an Access BarsŪ session is I gently touch different points on your head (32 in total). I hold my fingers on each set of points (called Bars) for a certain amount of time, following the energy and my perception of what your body requires. The worst that can happen is you feel you had a phenomenal massage. The best that can happen is your whole life changes in amazing ways, with total ease... :)

Access ConsciousnessŪ is all about YOU creating the life you want with ease, joy and glory, and having heaps of fun creating it! :) How does it get any better than this? :)

I have changed my whole life using the tools of Access ConsciousnessŪ. I am constantly changing, every moment of every day :) I am so grateful for the tools of Access ConsciousnessŪ. They have assisted me to become more of ME and it's been such a wonderful and magical adventure!! :) :) The tools of Access ConsciousnessŪ are amazing. They just work! It's as simple as that. They work.

I am offering Access BarsŪ sessions and classes in South-East Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, etc), Melbourne, Byron Bay (and anywhere in Northern Rivers NSW) as well as overseas (Switzerland). I offer exceptional service by travelling to wherever you are for your Access BarsŪ session so you don't need to worry about driving and setting time aside to come and see me. How does it get any better than this? :)
If you are based on the Sunshine Coast I also offer sessions and classes at the Access Bars and Body Place at Glen Eden Beach Resort, Peregian Beach. Feel free to check out their website:
If you are based in Melbourne I offer sessions either at your home or at Fitzroy Wellness Centre on Smith Street, whatever is more convenient for you :)

If that sounds like something you'd like to try, feel free to get in touch. It will be my infinite pleasure to facilitate the changes you haven't chosen yet but YOU know could show up in your life :)

And if you want to come along but you are in a different part of the country or the world, please get in touch anyway :) I can create an Access BarsŪ session or a class for you. I can also offer you facilitation over the phone or on Skype. And... what else is possible? :)

I invite you to use the link below if you would like to find books (and sooo much more!! :) that will give you amazing and easy-to-use tools to start changing what doesn't work for you in your life. What if it was a different possibility for you, before you even get your first Access BarsŪ session?

What if changing was much much MUCH easier than you ever thought it could be? What if it was all about simply CHOOSING the life you'd like to have?

With much gratitude for YOU xx

Dr. Cindy Fellay
Access Consciousness BarsŪ Facilitator

About Dr. Cindy Fellay:
Dr. Cindy Fellay has always been willing to make a difference in this world and she has explored many ways to bring what she truly wants to bring on this beautiful planet. Her motto is Gandhi's famous quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world". Dr. Cindy was awarded a PhD in Science after working for 5.5 years in Switzerland on a project involving therapeutic drugs. She then moved on to be a Science and Mathematics Secondary School teacher in country Victoria, Australia, and her unique way of teaching was truly liked by her students. Dr. Cindy is now having her own Access BarsŪ business which brings her utmost happiness each time she sees the changes she has facilitated in someone else's world.

Upcoming classes:
"A Taste of Access" classes are a short introduction to the tools of Access ConsciousnessŪ. Would you like to learn more about Access ConsciousnessŪ and its magical tools? Do you have any questions for me?
"Access Bars classes" are a one-day workshop. What if one day could change your whole life? What if creating new possibilities and happiness was easy once you had the right toolbox to change things? What's an Access BarsŪ class like? ​One day. Heaps of tools. Receive 2 sessions of Bars and give 2 sessions. Get a manual full of questions, techniques and a whole new toolbox of change. Breathe. Relax. Get Clarity. Be empowered to change anything! :) Yay! :) How does it get any better than this? :)

11 April 2017, A Taste of Access, Byron Bay, Australia
29 April 2017, A Taste of Access, Nimbin, Australia
23 May 2017, A Taste of Access, Melbourne, Australia
26 May 2017, A Taste of Access, Melbourne, Australia
28 May 2017, Access Bars class, Melbourne, Australia
10 June 2017, A Taste of Access, Martigny, Switzerland
11 June 2017, A Taste of Access, Lausanne, Switzerland
24 June 2017, Access Bars class, Martigny, Switzerland
25 June 2017, Access Bars class, Lausanne, Switzerland

"I met Cindy at a time when I needed a change in my life. I felt fears were holding me back from experiencing my life fully and I wanted to consciously work towards inviting more happiness into my life.
Cindy introduced me to the healing path of Access Bars that she is very passionate about. I had an initial 1.5hour session of Access Bars that allowed me to deeply relax. Afterwards I felt a lot of gratitude and kindness towards myself which in the days after led to discoveries about myself and helped me find new perspectives. Cindy shared some of the amazing tools of Access Bars with me that include asking yourself questions in challenging situations. I'm bringing in these tools in my daily life and it gives me confidence and reassurance.
Cindy is very warm, friendly and understanding and she has a beautiful way of finding the right words to give you confidence and support." Alex, Melbourne

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