Name: Dr. David Kubes
Phone: +43-1-526-5000
Address: Gutenberggasse 1/10
1070 Vienna
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Dr. David Kubes is an international lawyer specialized in aviation law, finance and international project management. After having graduated from law school he finalized his PHD in aviation law at the age of 25. After 3 years training he finally got his international lawyers license at the age of 28 and became one of Austria youngest lawyers.

Since 2006 he started enlarging his network and his activities and founded an Import & Export company in La Habana, Cuba, an Art Gallery in Vienna and his own real estate development company in Vienna.

Being fluent in German, English, Spanish and French always opened new horizons on the international project development sector and made him travel the world during the past 10 years.

Dealing and negotiating with different cultures in different languages always required a wide range of awareness and couching skills beyond ďnormalĒ.
- It requires to demand more;
- it requires to be more;
- it requires to step up
and finally choose.

Having fun with style, money and success and "being it all" rather than dreaming of it:
Thatís the invitation
Thatís the inspiration
Thatís what you can choose!

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