Name: Dawn Clifton
Exeter & Torbay
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So you’ve come to take a peek into who I am……’s a very brief summary.

As a kid…….I ‘knew stuff’ and was so curious for more.
I soon learnt to hide and supress ‘that stuff’ and myself.
As I grew up I experienced some not fun stuff and hid further.
Then I went in search for stuff, explored stuff, and for years I
studied stuff and practiced stuff.
At last I had a ‘Homer moment duh!' and acknowledged I’ve been
looking for ‘my stuff’ that I hid all those years ago.


I am so grateful for the voices shouting in my head GO TO ACCESS! (Voices are cool)

A-ha! I instantly loved the tools of Access Consciousness™ they made so much sense when I first began learning of them……..However it’s taken a little while longer to actually use them.

Oops Again! (I’m sure not my last oops moment).

Now, thanks to USING the tools of Access Consciousness™ and the magnificent people I’ve met along the way…..MY STUFF is just jumping to come out and play.

So, who am I? I don’t know, I’m still creating me, (and I will not stop doing so)

Something I do know is, life is a hell of a lot more fun now, and it’s getting a lot easier too, I’m exploring some of my previously hidden capacities and I so enjoy the moments when others acknowledge theirs.

With endless possibilities available……..I wonder what I can create today, and who would like to come and play?

I wonder what you would like to change or create, and who would you like to play with today? There is plenty to choose from here.

Mostly, I now play with the tools of Access Consciousness™ such as Access Bars® Classes, Access Bars® and Body Process sessions including Access Facelift, and, now and then when they pop in some Entities stuff. I also bring into sessions if required information from modalities such as Herbal Medicine and some other stuff too.

Thanks for peeking

Stay Happy

Dawn Clifton BSc hons

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