Name: Shivam Saxena
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My adventures with tools have Access Consciousness have turned my life a total of 360 degrees a few times over. For me thats the fun and joy of doing access classes and using tools, everything changes for the greater each time you commit to YOU.

I have always been top of the class student and very successful at everything I did, and yet none of it gave me the joy of living or Joy of Creation that I always yearned for.

I remember my graduation day from MS (Computer Science) from a great school in America, on a beautiful bright sunny morning, and I also had an amazing job in hand, and yet my mood was exactly in contrast to the exuberance and joy bursting through the campus. I thought I didn't have the ability to be happy. Period. If acing engineering school, graduating from one of the top programs in the world and having a terrific job that let me travel all over the world couldn't make me happy, of course the problem was with me! Things pretty much carried on for a 15 more years after that and I eventually found myself in a place where I could no longer endure this thing called life and living. My conversation with the universe was either you show me what I am here for, what I can do differently here or I am done! My family said, I had tasted success too soon, so nothing motivated me, something like an over achiever's depression. It's true none of what I had "achieved" ever truly motivated me, I was only doing it to please others, since nothing pleased me anyway.

After literally going from pillar to post through several healing platforms, I came across this book Being You - Changing the World! I loved 2 things about this title - Being You and Changing the World. And apparently someone was talking about how you could do both. This took me off on an adventure of reading more of access books and choosing every classes that matched the energy of yes, I am happy to be living on a planet where bunch of people are creating something different. IF not overnight, but pretty quickly I found my JOY, and the key to access that joy. Now I choose to be part of anything and everything that invites people to create greater possibilities for not just themselves but also this beautiful gorgeous planet, and the whole WORLD.

 In this journey I have found tools that not only pull you out of any limitations or down swing in your life, but also enable you to acknowledge and own your potencies and capacities. AND ALL THIS WHILE HAVING TONS OF FUN AND LAUGHTER!! How does it get better than that?

I am so excited to take this to people who know there’s more out there and there’s a greater way to BE! I LOVE facilitating a space for people where they can be vulnerable and change anything they want, where they can step from Victim mode to Creator of a phenomenal mega fun life.

I create change doing following Access classes --

Access Bars and Foundation

Being You Adventures

Access Energetic Facelift Classes

Money Classes

I also do following personal sessions
Symphony of Possibilities
Being You Sessions
Access facelift, body processes and BARS sessions

Feel free to reach me with any queries or if you just want someone to listen :-)

Shivam Saxena

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