Name: Abbey Boland
Phone: 0401108126
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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Abbey from Japan. I live in Sunshine Coast, Australia for more than 20 years.
I am a registered nurse and massage therapist.
I was born in a small country town…I was a very happy child, always giggling and laughing.
I was very adventurous and travelled many places and different countries. I have always believed that “life” should not be so complicated, rather it should be more simple and joyful.

When did I get so serious and scared of “adventure” of my life?

Access Consciousness® tools has given me reconnect to my truely “be” who I am.
Big thank you to founder Mr. Gary Douglas and a great teacher Dr. Dain Heer.

Love to share “Ease, Joy and Glory®” with you.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 28/May/2017 TOKYO Abbey Boland