Name: Trudi Bartlett
Phone: 07554626777
Address: Chartwell Green West End
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Having my bars run and using the tools that Gary and Dain provide for free on the internet made a huge difference to my thought processes in just 3 months. Things I could never see myself doing suddenly become more achievable for me.
The fear and apprehension I have lived with all my life are now dissipating and I am feeling freer and that my world is, at last, opening up to greater possibilities for me.
After my first session of having my bars run I felt an inner calm and peace that I don't remember feeling before and also my mind was so clear. No “monkey chatter” going on. I had a choice as to whether I wanted to think about something or not! That was truly a first!
The way I see it is, the tools are awesome, free and work all by themselves, but having your bars run is like a super, super boost of those tools. As your mind gets clearer then the tools work faster too. (my “point of view”!)

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